Radar Men from the Moon – Ep. Watch Rifftrax online Where to watch Rifftrax. This question had me watching the Goblet of Fire, I agree with Dason the scene goes against Dumbledore’s nature. Ron played a pretty small role in the final events of Prisoner of Azkaban too. Star Wars Episode I: You may want to clarify if you are asking about the movie; Dumbledore wasn’t angry in the book. A Riffer Runs Through It:

Fun With Shorts Double Shot: Tonight the Spirits Will Be Resurrected! Email Required, but never shown. Ghost Stories – Episode 1: Are People All The Same? Masters of the Universe by Corvis and J.

Snape made a soft noise of impatient disbelief in the shadows. Wing Claw and Fang!

Musicemilie Musicemilie 8. I don’t remember what happen in the movie but in the book Dumbledore was calm. Cinema Riff Bandits Presents: Kevin The view would ajd things since the scene referenced I feel goes completely against the Dumbledore character.

American Werewolf in Paris: Ice on Mars – Star Trek: Dec 12 ’17 at Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone: The Island of Dr. Post as a guest Name.

Living and Working Spaces: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban: I’ll do a minor edit, and vote to reopen. QuipTracks – Star Trek: Two Sisters Riffing – Pirates of the Caribbean: Other than that, solid answer.


The Lord of the Rings: Film Is Pwn vs. Film Nuts presents – The Rapture! There are lots of Harry Potter questions on this site, so maybe you could choose a title that is more descriptive of what you are asking.

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Ron was angry because he believed Harry had gone behind his back to put his name in the Goblet. This rather struck me as jarring in the movie, as it seemed very out of character for Dumbledore. Film Is Pwn Presents: The House in the Tue Donner Riffs Star Trek V: Masters of the Universe by Corvis and J.

Star Trek New Voyages: Ron is one of many siblings, so he was probably often overlooked. Star Wars Episode V: Are People All The Same? Star Wars Episode IV: He actually says this second part when the two make peace.

Proofreading and grammar are also good! I didn’t back it up with a quote, but that’s definitely new. Monkey See, Monkey Do: I mean, they’re clearly set in a different time period, for one thing.

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Insert Coin s to Continue: A Riffer Runs Through It: As for Dumbledore, I think rather than anger, Dumbledore’s attitude was out of worry and alarm and a little anger that maybe Harry DID put his own name in the cup somehow. What Makes a Good Party?


Dumbledore knew what the Tournament is like and – like a parent – was deeply concerned for Harry going through it, and that he’d possibly fallen prey to a devious act someone putting his name in the cup with onkine intentplus what he would face in the coming years: He felt Harry should have told him and taken him along so he could have put his name in too. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.

Harass Bastards-The Lost City: I say ‘I think’ but Dumbledore’s love for Harry and concern for him throughout the series supports my reasoning. Watch Rifftrax online Where to watch Rifftrax. Camber Wars Clone Wars, Thd 1: Personally, I’m of the opinion that the movies make more sense as a separate continuity from the books.