How can we help? Finding all QR Codes will unlock a bonus mission. Go to the bridge that is under construction to find a camera right along the incomplete edge. Look for a camera on the opposite side of the road from the QR code, and look back across the street with the camera to find the code. Was this guide helpful? Hack it, then look at the QR code at the end of the block. Hack this, then look at the road tunnel to find the QR code.

More Watch Dogs Content. While playing in the world that is Watch Dogs , you may have came across these black and white squares posted on various places. Introduction and map City Activities minigames and challenges. To get to the camera, this one will require some climbing and careful lining up of Aiden. Each code also adds a special audiolog to your collection.

Watch Dogs Game Page. Completing the bonus mission will earn you the Read-only Trophy or Achievementas well as a new weapon, the Gangster Tommy Gun.

Main missions – Act II. Located to the western side of Parker Square, find wafch camera that’s behind a barbed-wire fence. Watch Dogs Guide Strategy Guide.

From the platform, look in the opposite direction of the QR code to find the camera on a wall. Found right in the middle of Mad Mile, look for a castle-looking building to find the camera you need.

Watch Dogs QR Codes investigation guide

Opening a support case is easy. Upon reaching Giggles’ apartment, you must hack into his mainframe, upload a virus and then leave while listening to a message from DedSec.

Where to find the bonus weapons To access the bonus weapons they will be added to your in-game weapon wheel shown in the image below. To see more FAQs results, please refine your search criteria. Main missions – Act III. Find a camera over here, and scan the QR code. Focus it on the QR code and scan away. Look up to find a camera on the building next to you. How can we help? Close Refine your search Select Platform Loading These are QR Codes left by the infamous hacker “Giggles,” and each of these has a message once you take a photo of it.


Located at the end of the river in Brandon Docks, look for a grey building right next to the bridge that crosses the river. Still Looking for help? All 16 QR Codes have to be discovered and unlocked.

No FAQs exist on your locale for this search criteria, here are some from another one. From here, find the QR code. The correct redsec is sometimes far away, or can only ccodes activated from an elevated position. Each one is a challenge, whose completing unlocks an additional mission connected with the DedSec hacker group.

Found on the southeast corner of the island in Brandon Docks. Key information Main uses. Hack it, then look at the QR xedsec at the end of the block. All Codes are saved automatically when you find them.

All logos and images are copyrighted by their respective owners. Once done, vacate the area. Please refine your search criteria. Once done with that, you are in control of a video feed in Giggles’ apartment. Reputation Hideouts and exploration of the city Main and side missions Earning money ctOS towers and control centers.

Watch Dogs Guide: QR Code Locations & Secret Mission

Hack the camera, then look for another big, white desdec with a camera on an angle. An example QR code. This one will require a boat.

The ctOS Control Center: Located on the western side of Mad Mile, find a massive white building. City Activities minigames and challenges.


Once at the location for the mission you will then need to start the Exclusive Contract as shown below.

None of them are missable and you can still get them in free dohs after beating the story. Now look at the smoke stacks to find the QR code you need to scan. Introduction and map Don’t forget to turn to the Watch Dogs Guide Directory for tips, reviews and help!

You are not permitted to copy any image, text or info from this page. Sorry that didn’t help. Ways to unlock and general premises Description of a regular crime. Located by the baseball stadium, look for a camera on the corner of a brick building with a billboard on top. Please bear in mind that the tutorial missions will explain how to find your safe houses and also swap between weapons. Below, you can find a list of all of the QR codes, along with their descriptions, which point you to the correct camera and the image that shows, which signifies that the scan is ready to be performed.

Venisia Gonzalez Featured Columnist. To get to the camera, this one will require some climbing and careful lining up of Aiden.

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How do I increase performance and improve my frames per second FPS? Email us your issue or chat with an expert. Finding all QR Codes will unlock a bonus mission.