By RayAmbler7 Started September 18, And recently there was some big deal about some actor being secretly married because he hadn’t registered the marriage yet. Sure, she should wear better clothes but not expensive ones, just something more “fashionable” or suited to her. Not to be confused with penthouses. I have been repeating episode four from 60 minutes onwards. So in theory it’s possible that Se-Kyung’s designs are awesome but she’s not able to turn them in to real life clothes herself. Agency and all that.

I am getting so many wonderful recommendations on what to watch and such. Apparently, they use the credit system on this show where there are two head writers, and a team of writers to work on the storyboards; final decisions are make by the head of course. I just feel some design theft is on the horizon Don’t know why though. Lovebug December 5, at 8: That girl is epic.

Which, bad advertising if that’s the case. I’m curious about how they’ll swing InChan out and Seung-jo in That scene between SK and IC broke my heart.

Down the Rabbit Hole: Cheongdamdong Alice Episode 3 and 4

I love love love the clucking scenes in Episode 5!!! I mean, say any main lead girl who got in the top without being from a cyeongdamdong family having rich friend or CEO that love them and help them?

Church thing was probably just a nice ceremony to make a promise of a life together and for the two of them. Please enter your username or email address.

Hae-Sung dra,acrazy a poplar actor, but he is not good at acting. Archived This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. Story depicts people drinking alcohol alone for different reasons and the romance between Jung-Suk and Shin-Ib. In the final comments is mentioned that SK might be more shallow but i think is too soon to come to that conclusion because cheongdadong drama hasn’t shown her skills as a fashion designer and considering her situation she might wagch lost her north while worrying about been unemployed for 3 years, money problems at home and a troubled BF.

And it explores watvh dreams and myths of romance versus the cold calculation needed to get and protect what you love. Meet the community members drakacrazy to bringing you the subtitles for this channel. How will the story unfold…? Yesterday night I watched ep7… OMO! Jhen I just checked viki, yeah, translations are on, OMG, my heart is pounding so fast, please wait for me, I will see it in next few hours, I have to go out and buy a bike with my hubby, oh, why does life have to interfere with my Kdrama life?


And all those high fives are just an excuse for skinship. Am liking all the main leads In-hwa does all the work in complimenting Seung-jo for his marketing strategies that brought success to the Artemis brand in Korea. Drama Reviews and ImpressionsK-Drama. The last scene of Ep. Eo 0ly40 Started September 7, That’s part of what’s getting both her and her boyfriend down. Personally I don’t think being married before is a big thing but hiding it makes it instantly a much bigger issue.

I agree with cattx I think the father bought the paintings.

I just marathoned two episodes and was literally gripped by the raw emotions. It is the most down-to-earth, realistic storyline I’ve come across in a very long time.

I am sorry for In-Chan but he has made his choice and he has to live with his choices as well as Se-Kyung will have to make her choices and live with them. In the end of the day, they got there not because they are talented, but because they have the CEO behind their backs.

When she is sitting in aluce bedroom you can almost see coming to the realization pe she is going to have to find a way to drag not just herself, but everyone else out of this pit. Sometimes life just doesn’t conquer it all.

It does seem strange but so it is. When he took her to the airport and told her they were going to Paris? Episodes by odilettante. Last time I checked this was a rom com and in those true love always wins out!!

So we do get to see some of her designs, it’s cheongcamdong that they haven’t been highlighted yet. Some scenes felt a bit forced.

PSH Kdramas for me this time. Did he even think about SK’s feelings? My dad used to be a tailor and whenever I buy clothes with good deals he always look at me and say that the cost won’t make up for the labor and cost of the cloth itself.


On the plus side we know she doesn’t like Se Kyung – and yes she noticed something. ShinRaeMi07 December 4, at 3: The pain and frustration, the unfairness of being the victims of a harsh materialistic society – I empathised with all those. Alice in Cheongdam-dong doesn’t have any heart alce, i don’t really care about the characters but they’re so odd that i can’t stop watching.

After all he HAS broken up with her and while I sympathize with him, I don’t see why she should spend rest of her life loving a guy who left her no matter what was the reason for the break up.

I find it interesting than seeing the poor main girl working hard, and working hard getting nowhere, until Ta da! An experience in Wonderland may leave you with a more different mindset, perhaps her saying of ‘my effort is what makes me’ will be interpretated in a much more fullfilling way. This dramqcrazy uses cookies. One CEO appears on her life, falls in love and realizes she has talents and helps her get up there, he opens all ther closed doors for her Rooftop apartments cheongdaamdong generally cheap places to live in South Korea — in drama-land, anyway.

Their exchange of gazes… that was sooo cool… I got butterflies in my stomach!!

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At this point, I am in the mood for a predictable and over the top drama and CA fulfills my kdrama need. Can he get a lead role some time soon please! I love the last moment of the episode 8, on the parking lot, him trying so hard to be a better person at risk of loosing the love again, and her trying to be better person, not knowing what better actually is. Well, this is what we get when we complain about heroines being too much of the Candy-type! That would be entirely too gruesome.

It is just in this situation SK isn’t waiting for one charming prince come in her life but going after one.