Normal Girl December 9, at 9: Are you still continue your subbing, or it’s finally over? Dad” a few last months and you complete it. Anonymous November 21, at 6: Anonymous November 23, at 4: Anonymous November 23, at 9: Project Papa November 24, at 3:

Anonymous July 24, at 8: Anonymous December 8, at 5: Apparently it was a responsibility test. Anonymous May 27, at 9: Anonymous January 5, at 2: There ARE other videos, but I don’t think anyone has gotten as far as projectpapaonline.

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Anjerrica Sembrano April 14, at So, just follow them on twitter to get the updates. Good luck and have fun subbing creambunny! She’s a very sweet girl:.

Hey I translated one of the chinese articles and it said that their 6th trip will be the last trip? Anonymous January 5, at 5: I think they wanted to see if the kids would not let the dads break the eggs, since they’d obviously trust another father they know.

He is oodiga a cutie!! Anonymous May 6, at 1: I’ve been on both sides on the side of those waiting and on the side of those subbing and I think that the relation goes better when you share that much info eg.


Also to learn more about their kids and their mannerisms. If they have time they will sub. Anonymous November 21, at 6: So does the show with this line up end in December?

There is no reason for you to be rude. Anonymous December 29, at 3: Anonymous January 8, at 6: Anonymous November 20, at Anonymous December 13, at 8: Anonymous August odigz, at 8: Anonymous November 20, at 9: Teddy August 26, at Wathc December 22, at What do the adults expect from the outcome again? Anonymous May 8, at Anonymous September 13, at 6: Can you please make episodes: Meri Maria April 24, at 3: Project Papa November 22, at 9: I was so touched when Sky told him he had indeed lied to him.

It’s just a question.

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Anonymous May 9, at 6: Anonymous December 21, at Angela was hilarious and Sky and Cindy’s sensitivity was really touching. I love this show and I appreciate from the bottom of my heart the time you take to sub it and share it with us.


I was very touched when Sky confessed and apologized. Project Papa November 21, at Anonymous July 24, at 8: It’s a win-win situation. Anonymous January 2, at 2: Well there’s 8 episodes that have aired in China at the moment, with the 9th next week.

Papa, Where are we going?: Papa, Where are we going? Episode 4 (ENG SUB)

Sky is the most matured out of them. Anonymous May 27, at 9: The part when Cindy worried about Rock’s arm was a sweet moment. I really love this show and hope you continue subbing the other episodes odiya possible: