The idea , main theme of this book is about how a life can be laid down in view of Islam. Skip to content And so it ends. Their short reunion was the most emotional part of this episode. Coming to the final episode. The first episode served more as a teaser and was very promising bythe look of it. She sulk a lot and cry a lot and for most childish things ever!!

Oct 23, Mahnoor Khan rated it liked it. On the other hand, there is a woman with that man, torn and devastated for nine years, but eventually finds peace with him. It was shown as if he had some kind of super powers and unlike any human he predicted every situtaion very accurately as if he has already seen it Does that mean it is a terrible book? I think it is something which each one of us should apply in our life. You guys played a huge role in giving me the motivation to keep going and writing a review every month. I loved that the love of Salar and Imama was beyond everything, growing stronger every minute, though I would have liked to watch them getting there, talking more about the old days, reminiscing the circumstances that lead them together.

I wanted to hear the lovers talk, their whispers but, apparently that’s not the Pakistani Urdu novelist’s style. Here you can read While it didnt do that, this book did however confirm my misgivings about it. What does that meant?

I was quite hesitant in reading the sequel to peer e kamil, one of my favourite books, scared to ruin it but well I wasn’t disappointed. For me Peer-e-Kamil ended with Salaar and Imama’s reunion.

People who try to judge who’s going to hell and who’s entitled to heaven, those who hurt others in the name of Islam and don’t get the essence of Islam beyond the idea of being allowed to have 4 wives. As she herself has said, that in its way, this book is idealistic but I say we do need ideals to build upon, badly.


I cherish you dearly! I’m going to give my honest opinion here. February 15, 98, 9. Apart from that, Umera Ahmed incorporated a bit too many supernatural details in the story which didn’t seem very practical. Now in her place is a women who is weak, feels she is useless, is insecure and dependent, always in need of approval from Salar and cries A LOT.

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Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Aab-e-Hayyat is an interesting novel written by Umera Ahmed. I have my compliments and urxu as well as my issues and concerns which I AM going to give rant to but my honest opinion is that Umera has outdone herself.

You can also hhayat previous episodes by visiting the collection of Umera Ahmed. But everything aside, this novel lost its magic because it looses the the ishq e Haqiqi aspect. Episoode I first heard of it’s publication I was overcome by a sense of ambivalence; a part of me was excited to know what she had in store for the readers as a sequel Disclaimer: Yes, it was a bit fantasized, especially the male characters and bayat bit too draggy in the first half but after you finish half of it, it’s a page turner.

Here is now episode 16 which is going to be on air. W was an ”extraordinary” story of getting together the foundations of one’s personality; the necessary ”transformation” brought by pure love.

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Aab-e-hayat was NOT perfection like its prequel. Mar 14, Sunny rated it really liked it. By continuing to haat this website, you agree to their use.

Another thing I have to say is that given that they live in America and all, Imama wears hijab, her husband noveel eldest son are Hafiz-e-Qur’an have memorized the Qur’an and their household is quite religious but the girls’ appearance remained unaffected by the environment in their home. Umera A The one missing star because of all the loop holes in the story. Romanticising male chauvinistic behavior 5.


Because peer e kamil has it’s own charm and worth. Definite this story is about, Salar’s family: I love reading books and comics.

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The only thing which will sbe unanswered will be Trip ka Patta…. Also, I did read a lot of pages which indicate that I didn’t entirely hate it. Did skip story of their adopted daughter a few pages Going to reread the book after Ramadan Happy Ramadan. The only reason it’s not one star is because I enjoyed the writing to some extent.

آبِ حیات (Aab-e-Hayat)

Strong characters, beautiful relationships and emotional associations, a masterpiece!!!! You May Also Like. Umerah, you are my Ustaad!

She says “Raeesa” achi larki hai, Humain didn’t apparently get it but the her intention was not addressed. The redemption of characters was exemplary, the mention of old home, Alzheimer’s and the family reunion was very apt, it really hit the mark.

It’s hard but I am going to try to be very sincere with my review, and it is going to offend like I was offended by the book many a time.

There end was sort of abrupt and weak. I started this blog two years ago for one and only one purpose, and that was to talk about long awaited sequel of the modern day classic Pir-e-Kamil.