Net increase decrease in cash and due from banks. The effects in subsidiary and associated companies related to the valuation of marketable securities and derivative financial instruments, as mentioned above in item c are recognized on the parent company so as to maintain the original record made by the subsidiary and associated companies. The consolidated financial statements do not include the operations of this company since the transaction is subject to the approval of the competent authorities. Cash and due from banks at the beginning of the period. Unibanco and its associated companies, Fininvest, LuizaCred, PontoCred, and Tecban Banco 24 Horas , reached 11, points of service at the end of March , distributed as follows: The EMBI Emerging Market Bond Index for Brazil reached the end of the first quarter of at points, an increase in relation to the end of , when it reached points. Market risk management is based on limits established by the financial and risk committees. Exposure at fair value.

Changes in assets and liabilities. Net foreign exchange exposure. Dividends and interest on own capital received from subsidiary and associated. BIS Ratio at beginning of the period. Equity in results of subsidiary and associated companies. Adjustment at fair value of marketable securities available for sale and derivative financial instruments.

The claims ratio presented an improvement due to the better product mix and risk management policy. Certain former shareholders of Banorte cihema bank acquired by Bandeirantes before Unibanco became the controlling shareholder of Bandeirantes have filed lawsuits against Bandeirantes and the Brazilian Central Bank, seeking to terminate the Central Bank intervention in Banorte before its acquisition by Bandeirantes. The liquidity risk is related to the management of the gap on assets and liabilities financial cash flow which results in the financial capacity of the institution by taking additional funds and honor positions.

A separate division is responsible for identifying, measuring and managing market, credit and operational risk on an institutional-wide basis. Lucas Melo is responsible for a new area that includes the Audit, Compliance, Legal, and Government Relations departments. The first quarter of accumulated inflation measured by IPC-A consumer price indexat 1.


Private retirement plans benefits expenses. As a purchaser of options, Unibanco pays a premium and, as a writer of options, receives a premium in exchange for bearing the risk of movements in future interest rates on market prices for the underlying financial instruments.

Those limits and policies are periodically reviewed and the strategies are defined in order to assure a conservative monitor of the liquidity risk. Address of principal executive offices. Periodic evaluations are held where area managers and their staff identify their main activities and inherent risks, and assess the effectiveness of current controls. Unibanco and its associated companies, Fininvest, LuizaCred, PontoCred, and Tecban Banco 24 Horasreached 11, points of service at the end of Marchdistributed as follows: Net income is determined on the accrual basis and considers: Pursuant to Rule 13a or 15d As banking operations diversify cinemq the volume of transactions involving computers and telecommunications networks increases, the importance of information technology and the potential impact of systems failures have grown.

The decision on each credit is based on the following factors: Loss on sale of foreclosed assets and fixed assets. The combined ratio, that measures the efficiency of the insurance companies, was Accounts payable – taxes. Decrease in ucritiba liabilities. The credit risks associated with the future and forward contracts are minimized due to daily cash settlements and margin account deposits.

Technical provisions for insurance and retirement plans. Equity in results of subsidiary company. The limited review for the quarter ended March 31, and the audit for the year ended December 31, was conducted by other independent auditors, whose reports dated May 9, and February 9,respectively, express an unqualified opinion.

These limits and policies are reviewed monthly cinsma when a new threat or opportunity arises.

For the remaining derivative financial instruments, which are negotiated in a Clearing House for Custody and Financial Settlement of Securities or in an over-the-counter transaction, the counterparty credit risks are analyzed.

Constitution of revaluation reserve of subsidiary companies. Provision for labor and civil litigations. Cjnema use of the derivative financial instruments as part of asset and liability risk management could be made as an overall position related to Unibanco net position undertaken in an certain market or related to a specific assets and liabilities attributed to a particular risk.


Accordingly, the bank has devoted substantial resources to ensure the reliability and stability of its computer and related systems.

Swap contracts with daily reset. Net cash used in financing activities. They are accounted for at their acquisition cost plus accrued interest. The Copom reduced the basic interest rate Selic by only 0.

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Transactions involving derivative financial instruments to meet customer needs or for the Company’s own purposes that do not meet hedging accounting requirements established by the Brazilian Central Bank, primary derivatives used to manage overall exposure, are accounted for at fair value with unrealized gains and losses recognized currently in earnings. Insurance and Private Pension Plans.

Electricity, gas and water.

Cultural and sports leisure activities. BIS Ratio at beginning of the period. The pre-approved credit limit to customers for different types of credit lines is based on curihiba creditworthiness and size. Unibanco classifies as held to maturity those securities it has the intention and the financial capability to keep in the portfolio until maturity. The volume of transactions of Credicard increased by 9.

Market Maker for Units. The liquidity contingency and planning policies are defined by the financial committees and are reported to the decision markers and are controlled by independent areas on a daily bases.

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Over year, revenues from credit cards were reduced artep,ex seasonal effect. Deferred tax assets recorded are determined at the tax rates in effect at each balance sheet date. Recorded as off-balance sheet items. Net cash provided by operating activities.