Trapping them in a contained space with no chance of escape. LeShawna – “I’ve already told that skinny lil’ tadpole that things between us aren’t meant to be. Unfortunately for the girls, their sigh of relief was short lived when the monster returned to crush their trailer as well. I seem to recall telling you kiddies that the winners of this challenge would be picking teams. Lindsay and Beth watched in horror as Izzy squeezed ketchup all over her breakfast. The three contestants looked up to see him descending down upon them with a parachute. Some of the others began murmuring to themselves, thinking aloud about the same thing themselves.

Actions Add to Community Report Abuse. Even Izzy could not believe what she was witnessing. Don’t fail me now! Alien Resurr-Eggtion 18 Jan He could see that she was breakdown and wrapped a comforting arm around her shoulders. Find out on another thrilling episode of

Alien Resurr-Eggtion

A laien that had holes. They could not quite make out what it was exactly that they heard. And when Owen past him, the stench was left behind for the fallen nerd to get more than a good whiff. Unbeknownst to everyone, their handsome host was in the editing room. Then their GPS devices began to beep rapidly. To him, it was getting very tedious and very annoying.

Everyone else looked flabbergasted. It was green slime.

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Gwen and Trent looked at one another and smiled. She then let out a heavy sigh. For one, I’d have imagine that Heather would’ve been eliminated since this was an opportunity for everyone to do so given how much they hate her guts. Oh, and did I mention a remote controlled monster?


And a whole lotta coin. Geoff voice Christian Potenza Upon hearing this, DJ was crestfallen. Why shouldn’t I have a little fun torturing the aprt outta them if they’re willing to endure them? I even have the necklace.

Only not that well. I’ll just have this-” He gagged zction, almost as though he was about to puke. He was forced to wake up a lot earlier than usual. Every step he made in running, he let out a series of farts. Add the first question. Even Izzy could not believe what she was witnessing. My version of TDA as how I would have liked to have seen it. Owen looked at the other in fear until he heard something. Todd KauffmanMark Thornton. Others gasped or screamed. Sitting back in a relaxed position and watching their every move on numerous monitors.

The six slipped into the room and closed the door shut before examining the eggs below.

He chose the one destroyed by the monster, much to the shock and disappointment of his fellow male companions.

Make-Up Confessional LeShawna – “I’ve already told that skinny lil’ tadpole that things between us aren’t meant to be.

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Harold – “I’m pretty sure LeShawna isn’t over me yet. Then she realized why and showed off her teeth.

Make-Up Confessional Beth – “You know what, models are people too! Edit Did You Know? The punk sighed in defeat.


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Still, they did not have much of a choice as there was no chance in hell they were going to get to eat quality food. LeShawna merely glared at him. Remaining calm, Gwen eggtikn another look at her GPS device. Then they looked over to see that Duncan has been covered from allen to toe, having unable to jump into someplace to hide behind. Make-Up Confessional Gwen – “I know this is going to sound really girly, but I was seriously touched when Trent chose my necklace over the egg.

When the sense of danger had passed, the two looked at one another. However, the big man was giving chase. Gwen gasped in horror when she saw the necklace fall right into the drainage. Make-Up Confessional Owen – “My, uh The two friends made their way to the other table to sit at. Sure enough, they found the surfer girl and the party dude engage in a seemingly never ending game of tonsil hockey.

Somewhere in here they would find the alien eggs they were to bring back to the Craft Service Tent, or for this occasion home base.