Extremes of the National Mind on Film. Ray Levoi, on the other hand, is coming of age right before your very eyes. Specifically, it focuses on the murder of Leo Fast Elk and the subsequent attempted cover-up by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Much to Cooch’s anger, Ray comes to suspect there is a conspiracy and cover-up involving the small town. Chris Hicks, of the Deseret News , said screenwriter Fusco and director Apted created a “rich backdrop, with fascinating character development and a serious focus on the spirituality of Indian beliefs. The film employed over Native American extras.

Following its theatrical release, the film was released on VHS video format on July 8, I have never said a word about it. For one, they rarely stop sniping at each other see the “kiss my ass” exchange mentioned earlier , and for another, Crow Horse states outright that Levoi is warm for his form. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! Even with a favorite movie, you probably understand well that it’s sometimes hard to watch it TOO many times, right? Elroy Cross as Lakota Singer. Saderup as Helicopter Pilot. Sylvan Pumpkin Seed as Hobart.

Over the course of the movie, Levoi and Crow Horse go from bristling with hostility at the mere sight of each other Ray did most of the bristling to hanging out together at Grandpa’s to friendly bickering to facing down Coutelle’s goonsall of whom were armed to the teeth at the time.

Milton does not own the land where the mining occurs, but gets kickbacks from the leases. John Trudell as Jimmy Looks Twice. If you’ve thinderheart watched this before, please give it a try.


thunderehart The film was shot primarily on location in South Dakota. You are, I’m sure, very familiar with the hackneyed term “coming of age. Whoever killed Leo walks heel-toe.


Julius Drum as Richard Yellow Hawk. But it was still hot. Spooler just watched this one for probably at least the tenth time — although my gut tells me it’s more like twenty times — and I just had to check Flixster to see if I’d actually ever said anything about it.

He’s irreverent, intelligent, and absolutely essential to Levoi’s quest to find the person truly responsible for Fast Elk’s murder. Gives you a left-foot drag.

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So you have the snark and the sex and the subtext; what more do you need? You gotta listen to the trees, hoss. Sam Adams as Lakota Singer. Stylishly balancing thrills, mysticism and political outrage, Apted’s produced his most absorbing movie since Coal Miner’s Daughter. God, you’ll love it. Shepard brings a sullen detachment to his role as an FBI agent with a hidden agenda. He and Crow Horse team up again to visit Grandpa, who speaks to Levoi about his father, recalling the incident where Levoi scorned him in order to protect himself from the jeers of his classmates.

Despite his consistent prickliness about his heritage, his heart is in the right place, and the reservation’s sheriff Graham Greene and a wise spiritual elder Chief Ted Thin Elk patiently lead their unwilling FBI pupil on a soul-wrenching wild goose chase which paradoxically takes him straight to the heart of the matter.

Also, to be completely shallow, Graham Greene is a hotass. It ain’t pretty, and, what’s worse, it’s based on true events. An uncompromising look at a national blight. The film was considered a minor financial success after its theatrical run, and was met with generally positive critical reviews before its initial screening in cinemas.


The New York Times. I don’t need to listen to the trees or talk to the sand to get answers. Noirish qualities emerge when the murder, and the investigation, are shown to be cover-ups for something darker, but the “Indian” connection is what makes for entertainment here. Jerry Allan Hietala as Drunken Brawler.

Levoi does heed Crow Horse’s words, as is apparent in his next scene with Coutelle. Levoi flips him off, but this moment more than almost any other illustrates Crow Horse’s willingness and desire to work with him – I’m not even thundereart a kiss would have served the purpose better. Even though they begin to work together, however, they still take every given opportunity to snark at each other.

I was with you. The Kids Are Alright.

May 23, Full Review…. Back to the shallow part again.

Glad you liked the essay! A young mixed-blood FBI agent is assigned to work with a cynical veteran investigator on a murder on a poverty-stricken Sioux reservation. You’re outta your jurisdiction. Oct 16, Rating: As he probes deeper into the events thinderheart the reservation, he is torn between his duty to the FBI and his awakening sense of duty to the Sioux nation. Tim Salmons Super Reviewer. Slowly he rejects the intimidating tactics of his fellow FBI agents, who are not so interested in solving the crime as covering up an incriminating situation with the locals, and as he becomes more tuned to his heritage, the locals begin trusting him.