It premieres Halloween night on Sundance. The Returned will finally be back on our screens this autumn – but the spooky French thriller is shifting channels. Vanessa Mitchell buys a house rumoured to be a former witches’ prison and experiences increasingly strange upsetting incidents in this dramatised retelling a true story. We spoke to its creators and cast… Fabrice Gobert , the French creator of supernatural drama The Returned , speaks good English. The latest scandal threatens to bring about the collapse of the government when the president faces a vote of no confidence. This blog is for those who are watching series one of The Returned. Does he know something the others don’t?

My coworkers and I have been debating this lately, because many of us are addicted to the French drama The Returned , one of the coolest, creepiest new shows on TV. But fundamentally, life has continued without her. Certainly, she was the only person whose reaction we saw. Desmeuze manages to get hold of a secret file that has the power to bring down the president. French supernatural drama ” The Returned ” had its U. A young mother fights her dead father-in-law, who has returned from the dead to steal his grand-children This episode is audio described Storng language and scenes some viewers may find upsetting This episode is subtitled 46 mins. All of these personal events unfold against a backdrop of strange happenings that suggest something sinister might be afoot.

Please visit the source responsible for the item in question to report any concerns you may have episoe content or accuracy. But these are no flesh-chomping zombies – beyond a ferocious appetite, the ‘Returned’ appear perfectly healthy and normal. The girl is — gasp — Camille. Will Lucy become a “revenant”? We see her face. Channel 4 is yet to confirm when new episodes will air on. Order by newest oldest recommendations. The Returned original French title: Matters are complicated further when a stranger named Berg – who knows more than he claims – arrives into town.


As secret talks with the terrorists come to a head, the president has eisode tough decision to make.

Desmeuze uses the secret file to blackmail Kapita and demands that he resign from his post within two days, but Hussan has a plan in store. It’s been two years since The Returned gripped the nation with its tale of deceased French folk coming back from the dead.

What is the relationship between the attack and the rest of the unnerving goings-on in the town? Vanessa Mitchell buys a house rumoured to be a former witches’ prison and experiences increasingly strange upsetting incidents in this dramatised retelling a episoce story. Loading comments… Trouble loading?

Less happily, Camille’s parents seem to have separated. Show 25 25 50 All.

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Well, most of them are grumbling: Drama Television Episode recaps. The president must make his most difficult decision yet.

During its enviably long run, Lost became both retruned high and low benchmark for atmospheric, existentially fraught TV dramas. From the shouts of the teacher trying to get the girl’s attention, we learn her name is Camille. The Returned is returning – as Channel 4 confirms the series will be back on UK screens soon.

This article contains spoilers that some readers may prefer to avoid. Did he cause it? Time, we’re led to believe, is a great healer, but equally its passing can make confronting the past that much more difficult.


In an idyllic country farmhouse in rural Wales, a young family are tormented by a haunting that reaches a terrifying climax. Kapita has a plan to secure victory, but the pressures take their toll. Was it caused by proximity to Camille? Yet these undead don’t behave like your common-or-garden zombie — they look and act very much alive. Four years later, one of them, a girl named Camille Yara Pilartzclimbs out of the ravine. And while there are a couple of shocking moments — that bus lunging into nowhere, the brutal stabbing of Lucy — it’s the understated bits that are the most chilling, notably the first time Camille appears in front of her mother, peeking out from behind the fridge.

The Returned centres on a small French town where many of the deceased rise from the dead, seemingly fine and normal.

The Returned recap: series one, episode one – Camille

Gabrielle is relying on Bakian to negotiate the hostages’ release, but Kapita seeks advice from Hussan. From the outset there’s something unmistakably creepy about The Returned, right down to its setting stark, clean and vaguely Twin Peaks-y and understated, Mogwai-penned soundtrack.

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