Caught by his pursuers just as he is about to board the boat for Korea, Iljimae looks on as Wang Hweng-bo, his shifty-eyed, twisty-footed companion, leaps into the air to fight off the men. He and the former Bongsuni leader have been reduced to hiding in rented rooms to stay out of trouble, and this leaves Wang Hweng-bo restless and bored. Such a bratty rebel without a cause. Furthermore, Baek-mae insists her items are not stolen but refuses to identify the source that would link her to the household that had thrown her out. The beautiful sceneries from this drama really captured my heart.. Thanks for the recap! Shortly thereafter, two men are caught and suspected of thievery — one of them being the beggar who first rescued Iljimae. The answer strikes him full force with anticipation and joy — Baek-mae has decided to accept his proposal, although her one worry is that Iljimae may not want to meet her.

But the monk cuts to the chase: It must be Iljimae! Spending half an hour on your blog I’m too impatient to wait for subs and my knowledge of Korean is too basic to fully understand all of the details of this drama And I’m sure your recaps alone will get more people watching, even without subs. When she has made up her mind, she will send word. Episodes by LollyPip. I’m one of those reading but ain’t watching people.

About time they got to whether he has gotten over his first love or not! Please enter your username or email address. Meta [Happily never after] Maybe Thus Baek-mae is punished. While the first part of this fight was a little stagey nice, but the wire dpisode could have been betterhere the fight gets intense. The man continues chasing anyway, and Wang Hweng-bo wails that the guy broke his promise, and staggers back to safety in exhaustion.


I’m looking forward to your recap on this episode! He speaks some Korean but is unfamiliar with Korean customs, and sees everything through the eyes of a fascinated foreigner.

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Otherwise, you hooddrama be able to sell it here in the Philippines, hahahaha. If she only gives the name of that family, he can confirm the story and release her. Iljime the music is absolutely, totally, fantastic. Targeting corrupt noblemen and government officials, Iljimae sneaks into their homes at night and steals their ill-gotten gains. Wang Hweng-bo decides to take a different tack by leaving Iljimae at an inn and saying he will talk with his father first to smooth the way.

I LOVE this drama! I find your thoughts on each episode very insightful.

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The merchant begs for mercy, but Shim orders his men to beat up the man anyway. Download the latest version here. It renewed my love for it’s sound. Or, this clip from Episode 5: An abandoned baby grows up and lashes out at the society that forced him into isolation. His constant inner struggle is well expressed and the longing comes across palpably. Gu sends men to capture Wang Hweng-bo, and prepares to find Iljimae. Thus when Wang crashes the funeral wake and gets into a fight with the attendees, episkde officer Gu Ja-myung grows suspicious that he may be one of the foreign spies, and heads off to deal with the situation.


Thanks again for the recaps! Thanks again for the ‘subs’ Javabeans! However, Officer Jung-tae brings word of a new robber about town, who steals from corrupt rich people and divides the spoils among the poor. Baek-mae asks for time to think while he finds her son.

The ending scene with the Monk pretty much backed up my ikjimae.

All those little moments that are put into the show are so special. The cinematography is really, really good for non CGI scenes. One day, Iljimae is washing under trickling water from a waterfall, deturn unseen for several long moments by a curious village girl.

But I do understand Lee’s choice of Iljimae very much he was offered both Iljimaes because MBC;s Iljimae follows original story line which includes cross-dressing and empasis on pretty face, which Lee’s retugn trying to avoid at all cost. This drama never insults our intelligence, but, instead, epispde into our desire for something more than what other lackluster dramas [fail to] bring It’s really unlikely, but I just hope and pray it will have a happy ending.

Javabeans, the thing I talked you about? Download the latest version here.

And Wol Hee and Iljimae’s playful interactions are always a joy to watch. Iiljimae with uncertainty, he had been unable to talk to her or ask where she was headed, which he has regretted for years.