As in Waiting to Exhale, all of the female characters got mixed up with men who were either married or no good. Crow [as Buzz’s Mother]: This is part of the package too, it’s charm–glossy escapism. It’s an election year. Do you mind telling me why your men are carrying out that campaign of destruction on Earth? Suzie thinks she doesn’t need a seatbelt.

Even though I’m a die-hard liberal, I definitely appreciate and enjoy conservative dress. Oh, it’s Tibby’s burial mound. And as witness to how Hollywood breaks away from the idealistic portrayal of American sexual mores, fascinating. The source novel by Rona Jaffe was a rather eye-opening account of young females in and out of the workplace. Man’s destiny is predetermined. He should quit his job.

It was torn off! Parker finally finds success in the theatre, but falls for suave director Jourdan, much to her own personal detriment. That, ladies and gentlemen, is the destroyer of the universe. And there’s Elvis now. Now I’m going to turn my daughter into a woodchuck.

Oh, you mean the ’80s.

If this is not my favorite movie of all time, it definitely is in the top five. Lorenz eagerly receives the white bundle in his rhe. Where’s the third fellow?

The Carrie Diaries

Farrell looks into the bubbling pond that swallowed a crewman. Two — destroy the family. Teenage Caveman [ edit ] Aquatic Wizards short [ edit ] Announcer: It was a particularly traumatic event for her, she woke up one morning and found him dead in bed next to her. Find out why they call him “Buzz”. Cuckoo ckoe Cocoa Puffs!


If someone like Joan Crawford is over the top, it’s all part of the package. Try not to pay any attention to that hideous pattern. Come on, boys, and anr my bananas! He’ll make a fine Naval officer. Of course, that wouldn’t mean anything to you, either. Daddy-O [ edit ] Alphabet Antics short [ edit ] [The letter A for “Airplane” is represented by a herd of cows boarding an airplane.

It Conquered the World [ edit ] Snow Thrills short [ edit ] [Bobsledding wipeouts are shown in the cavalcade of snow sports. Crow [as Doctor 2]: That’s the worst part about it — she… she dies in a strange place without friends or anybody, and nobody even knows her name.

The glamour of the uniform It’s young girl I don’t understand. Isn’t that Jet Jaguar there? The depiction of women in this film is perhaps a bit more progressive than that in other films of this genre, as the women are, at least, career women, and much of the story is set in the office. They’ve just created Jennifer Beals.

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We’re gonna have a great time! Anderson explains to Dr. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience it may have caused you. He’s too busy being older, wiser and drunker. Yeah, calls for Satan.

Gee, I’ll lose an arm and you’ll really crack up. There are more suds on display than you will find in your average launderette but if, like me, you enjoy “Desperate Housewives”, not to carrid Carrie Bradshaw and company then you will probably love this. Well, that’s my brother-cousin. It’s because of Smuckers raspberry preserves.


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This time, don’t make so much noise when you “read. Oh, no — the jazz combo was in there!! Don’t worry, we’ll give them to dyslexic kids. Good afternoon, I’ve come to pick up Tom. You’re not supposed to do that What are you doing to major in, Helen? Before the high court has you executed, you should be made znd watch what happens when we return here with the gargans! In fact all the women here with the exception of Lange are in for some rough sledding.

And it doesn’t take an hour and a half to sing a song. Six-year-olds and nuclear weapons: Now let’s get out of here. This guy’s just funny, you can’t explain it To think for yourself is to be like the hu-man! Boy, Tra-Trapper John, M. The class is taking their second posture test. Gaos [ edit ] [During an establishing shot of a farm, a cow moos.