A moment later, he is holding it near the middle. It’s a longshot, but by any chance did they digitally erase this boo-boo from the DVD? BB code is On. Blame the distributors who aren’t following the intentions of those who made the movie. The fanboys can explain it from here to Alderaan; it was a dumb line and it’s famous. It came from the lab evil, it is projected evil. The weirdest I’ve seen is also from The Wizard of Oz, and also involves the scarecrow, albeit indirectly. I realize that I didnt’ address the remark made by tracer, apologies for that.

As Moses leads the Israelites through the parted Red Sea, he stands on a tall outcropping of rock on the far end, to encourage his followers who are still making the journey through. This also gets passing reference in ST2: They’re headed for the prison level! After the Red Sea has parted, it is shown refilled, then parted, then refilled again. Bits of it vanish as it moves. You are unlikely to see such errors in so-called ‘Director’s Cuts’. This often leads to unintended extra nudity in the home video versions — the naughty parts that were just out of frame on movie screens are now on view.

There are two in Red Planet that are rather glaring.

Ten Commandments blooper?

This is serious here! Of course, my favorite LOTR goof is the dead orc who sits up and looks around before lying back down It’s got to be one or the other.

I sincerely hope someone was fired over that commancments Pack up all your troub–” At that point, Jennifer started cracking up, and Mr. This is not even a glitch. The pyramids behind him is the Saquara pyramid, so Moses is being sent West into the Saharaand not East into the Sinai.


Wrsitwatch he was sailing out of Halifax. The crash with Ryan’s wife was also most likely shot on a California highway. During the end scene, we see multiple shadows for Moses and the rest, indicating multiple lights used for the scene. The weirdest I’ve seen is also from The Wizard of Oz, and also involves the scarecrow, albeit indirectly.

Akin to the Pacific Bell phone in Die Hard 2. If there was a repair, there’s no mention wrkstwatch it anywhere in the film. Pirates of the Caribbean: Affleck gets set to go to England Coulda been a Dark Rider, I guess.

All of the women in the film have ‘s-style haircuts. That area of the image was to have been cropped out during projection.

Ten Commandments blooper? – DVD Talk Forum

Robert DeNiro’s hair changes lengths noticably throughout Taxi Driver. Yes, as did I.

The film held the record for highest-grossing Biblical movie for 48 years, until commandmentd was finally surpassed by “The Passion of the Christ” in At the movie’s climax, Neo is directed to this exact same room note how Agent Smith recognizes the hotel and gets into room ahead of Neo but now the escape route is intact. I remember an episode of the Waltons. Please enter a valid email address. As he writes the note, Lawrence says something like, “Pay to the order of Quinn’s characterone-thousand English pounds, payable on Her Majesty’s crown, blah blah blah”, so I assume he was writing out a British note which would have to be in English, no?


In the next scene Dave pulls up to the house having a party, and Chase is sitting in back seat of the car!

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Now I know this is a series, not a movie A scene with the very first cast members of Gilligan’s Island is used when the Castaways first wake up on the island. NO director would ever allow their movie to printed and released with a microphone showing.

Girlfight, a low-budget but well-done movie about a schoolgirl in NY who takes up boxing, has an outdoor dialog scene in the middle of the movie in which the boom microphone is constantly dropping into view. The Most Famous Movie Goof Something that happened in an episode of the television series Xena is probably not the most famous movie goof ever.

I’ve shot tons of stuff that was 4: What about commandmsnts moment, during the light saber fight between Kenobi and Vader, where it looks like Kenobi’s light saber went out i. In Lawrence of Arabia as Lawrence writes a promisory note to Anthony Quinn’s character, sharp eyes will note that he’s writing from right to left reversed negative?

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