System Management Monitor Summary Displays information for devices or ports on which monitoring is enabled. June Copyright Nortel Networks. Adds a classifier to a QoS profile. Fast Start Default Behavior Important Qos Considerations The secret may be entered as a text string and will not be echoed. Enables or disables smart autosensing. Make sure the Switch being upgraded has an IP address assigned to it.

Scenario A new switched network has. Initial Switch Setup What Is Network Login Upgrade of unit 1 successful Upgrade of this unit complete. Susan Grandys Creation Date: Physical Interface Ethernet Statistics Displays statistics for packet and error traffic on one or more ports. Changes the state of an aggregated link. Reproduction in any manner More information.

The Switch does not support the aggregation of half duplex links. To avoid this, log in using a higher access level, or do not attempt to access areas of the Web interface which are restricted for your access level. B Copyright Allied Telesyn, Inc.

3Com 3C17203 – SuperStack 3 Switch 4400 Manuals

Note that this problem will not occur if your computer is connected indirectly via a hub, a router, or another switch which is not part of the stack.

Roving analysis is not supported across a stack of Switch SE units Replacing Expansion Modules When an expansion module is replaced by another module of a different type, the configuration of the expansion module will not be completely reset to factory defaults.

To perform Ethernet setup and communication verification, first perform RS setup and communication verification: Configures the aging period for the address database. To get to these features, connect to the WG as described in More information.


Contents 12 Port Trunking Contents Overview No part of this publication may be reproduced More information. Web Management Over The Network If you intend to use a Switch with version 3. Table of contents About This Guide 3. Monitoring Power Usage Upgrade of unit 1 successful Upgrade of this unit complete. Netscape Interfqce is a registered trademark of Netscape Communications. Adds an address to an alert. The default user login is admin.

Setting Up Web Interface Management This issue only occurs when all of the following conditions exist: We cannot be held liable for any problems. B Copyright Allied Telesyn, Inc. To get out of this situation, click OK when you are asked if you want to superstak, then click Cancel on the username and password entry box.

The AT-S60 More information. Null Modem Cable This is accomplished as follows: No part of this publication.

Modifies a monitored item. Resets IP information to factory defaults. Unless otherwise indicated, 3Com registered trademarks are registered in the United States and may or may not be registered in other countries. A Copyright Allied Telesis, Inc. No part of this publication More information. Choosing A Suitable Site SuperStack 3 Switch Software Version 3.

Importanti Informazioni Di Sicurezza Displays packet activity for all ports on a unit over the previous hour. System Control Software Upgrade Upgrades the software on the unit. Rmon And The Switch Press Enter to receive a login prompt.


Command Line Interface bridge addressdatabase add Adding a Statically Configured Address to an Address Forwarding Database You can add a statically configured address to a forwarding database using the add command on the addressdatabase More information. For complete syntax and usage information for the commands used in this chapter, More information.

You have your broadband Internet service settings handy. Adding Units to the Stack 3Com recommends that you initialize a Switch SE unit that has previously been used elsewhere in your network before you add it to an existing stack.

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The Power-up Sequence System – Telnet – Connect should now connect correctly with the device. If you do not initialize the unit, problems may be caused by conflicting Switch configurations. Configuring Link Aggregations When creating a manual aggregation between two systems the ports in the aggregation must not be physically connected together until the aggregation has been correctly configured at both ends of the link.

Scenario A new switched network has. Roving Analysis And Your Switch Using Power Over Ethernet Reproduction in any manner More information. Igmp Multicast Filtering To display parent menus: System Unit Notepad Opens a notepad for the unit.