Retrieved May 16, Most everything that Sam did in season 8 could have been explained with proper build up, but there was no time invested in it. Sam seemed more passive. Sam has been Sam in by far the majority of the show – more than enough time for strong characterization to have developed. In a quasi-meta episode, deaths start occurring in a small town that have some strangely cartoon-like attributes. More importantly, come on, Balthazar. Then, he can have the emotional farewell he always deserved. Throw in the idea that Oz is a real place and Dorothy is actually a kickass hero and this episode leaves fans hoping that clicking their heels will bring them back to Oz just one more time.

Sam and Dean try to help out Prometheus by killing Zeus. Retrieved February 1, Sam, at the end of season 8 Season 9 — Wait, What? Sam is determined and smart. Retrieved September 23, TV by the numbers.

The looming apocalypse caused even the Archangels to take drastic measures to be heard.

Dean fights back Next 1 of 2. Retrieved September 23, Retrieved March 20, Mary tries to convince Sam to join the British Men of Letters with a vampire hunt that goes sideways when the alpha vampire shows up. Retrieved October 20, Retrieved January 28, Retrieved October 19, Dean encounters a surprising message on Bobby’s phone, and Sam and Dean investigate.


Retrieved January 17, September 1, []. From Sam, we got a series of half-finished thoughts: Retrieved October 23, But at least we get to see Ed and Harry again, right? Retrieved June 23, Retrieved May 21, Sam Winchester has always been a bit supernatual a mystery.

October 8, []. Season 1 ” Pilot ” ” Devil’s Trap “.

Here, they had to reconcile the fact that sometimes people are the things from which others need to be saved. But in the second half of season 6, there was also a subtle shift in tone.

Community Facebook and Twitter Giveways Win stuff! I got my wish — a mix of people came out to participate and everyone for the most part played nice. I decided that seeing as how an 8-year-old character this was season 8 has a lot of history already, the “right” answer would be the average response if everyone in the community was asked to describe who the character is.

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There were no blood stain which is strange considering he was killed only a few hours before. Retrieved April 16, Supernatural Seasons Season 1 Season 2. Retrieved February 10, The Winchesters had plenty on their plate in Season 5. Sam becomes hyper-focused on fixing the problem.


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It supernatutal stands to reason that Sam would have left Stanford with a few tricks. Retrieved October 8, Sam and Dean investigated some killings that were linked to a werewolf, and after some obvious red herrings the brothers pieced together that the woman they had been helping was unaware that she was the werewolf.

It also makes the character more passive, which directly contradicts a lot traits on this list. I had my own ideas, and thought I was right, but then I would read a comment by someone who had given the matter about as much thought, but had come to different conclusions.

Retrieved November 28, Retrieved October suprrnatural,