Tahj is also the voice of Wade Load in Kim Possible. Cody is ecstatic because he’s now the favorite to win the Boston Spelling Bee. The twins show up to water the plants and catch Moseby and Arwin in London’s room. London decides to attend Maddie’s party and all her guests follow her. The relationship has been going on for a month, and Harvey is interested in proposing to Carey. Here’s who likes who: Esteban convinces everyone that the mummy on display is cursed and they should send it back to where it came from.

After the mishap with the band being old men and the woman being old in their sixties mentioned by Cody the club ends up being a flop. They both end up getting detention. He asks if they want to play football. Maddie tells London that she must have gotten the idea from a book she read as a child. Zack asks Cody if Vanessa was looking at him. He explains he is going to a costume party.

Moreover both were in the TV movie Queen: Just then London enters the store with Maddie and Brandi.

The Suite Life of Zack and Cody – S 3 E 10 – First Day of High School – video dailymotion

My kids love this show. But by then, it will probably be seen. The Tipton is practicing at the bowling alley, when the St.

Moseby and the Tipton Staff gets beat up in flag football by a rival hotel team. Zack tries to buy it off Cody, but he won’t sell. Tipton’s face isn’t seen.


In the subplot Esteban tries to help London when a man tries to steal her purse but ends up on his back when the mugger knocks him out with it. Homecoming Warrior at the same time. They do great, until they have to improvise a big finale. Moseby’s brother comes to the Tipton. The battery dies just as London is about to tell her they are locked in.

The Suite Life of Zack & Cody Episode Scripts

By creating an account, you agree to the Privacy Policy and the Terms and Policiesand to receive email from Rotten Tomatoes and Fandango. At the end of the first round, Cody and Maynard are the only two contestants left.

Cody tells him Bubba would be happier in the wild. Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants.

Zack hands out pens to the class and he notices everyone laughing at him. Free Tippy 03 Mar 7. When Zack and Cody wake up, Carey comes into the room and tries to comfort Cody. Edit Did You Know? Cody decides to take woodshop dree Zack. Zack is ready to talk to Vanessa when Agnes shows up. Frew follows and talks to her, and then Dirk comes in.

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The Suite Life of Zack & Cody: Season 2 – Rotten Tomatoes

Maddie gets paired with London much to her dismay. Tipton agrees and all goes well! Zack yells at them and withdraws from the election making Cody the winner. On opening night of the play, Agnes and Cody discover that every one loves the wrong person.

Cody decides to run for office and when Zack finds out about the trip to Hawaii he decides to run as well. They run into his office and find him talking to his mother. Hannah Montana The Movie. Arwin drives Moseby crazy with his plan to improve the hotel’s efficiency with a variety of mechanical contraptions.

The Suite Life of Zack and Cody – S 3 E 10 – First Day of High School

London asks Maddie if they sold anything and she replies four items. Later on London and Maddie get Arwin to attempt to steal London’s purse. Zack and Cody spy on girls through a wall. Subplot London joins a bookclub with the popular people because she believes that everybody who is anybody is in it.