I mostly use the default settings personally, except for 2 changes I make: Downloading subtitles using MPC: Dynamo – Animated Video Watermark. I uploaded a subtitle file with SubDownloader and got a confirmation that database was succesfully updated. For this reason, we currently recommend the following alternative method for getting subtitles to work. I do not think that merely mentionning their site in your application or on your site would help: No, translators produce subtitles, not subtitle sites.

Indeed, even presumably safe addons can be hijacked. It is the most popular subtitle add-on for Kodi. We appreciate being called stupid and ridiculous. And if actually there is profit, they are the actual thiefs!!!! The people that make websites to distribute the subs, they CAN profit from that, since they are not directly manipulating the work of the original creators, only their users do and that users do not profit if they do and are nor authorized by the original creators, they are thieves. To have a cool interface for users.

If I watch a movie using the Tubi TV addon, it automatically downloads the correct subtitle set from tubitv.

Kodi subtitles: the complete guide on how to install and use them.

Unfortunately, this add-on subtitless not available from the official kodi repository. I am also a translator at http: Some content is just so new that there simply aren’t tsate yet they’ll be available in a few hours To handle movies, TV shows, on different locations, it’s easy! At least, on the site you mentionned, moviesandsubtitles, they are honest and write that they search other sites and even mention them.


Could that be the cause or the fact that CCCP uses ffdshow?

Kodi subtitles: the complete guide on how to install and use them.

I saw some bottleneck, so I developed OSDb. Frequently Asked Questions – ReScene.

As told, I am associated to http: Go here to do that. And if actually there is profit, they are the actual thiefs!!!! Please, sutitles that this is a friendly warning by several people!!!! Found this through a post in the CCCP forum and tried it meanwhile.

Downloading subtitles using MPC

At the start of deciding which hash should be used for matching subtitles with movies on opensubtitles. Firstly many thanks for the great service you are offering.

No, translators produce subtitles, not subtitle sites. You see, having the monopole on stste you do not produce on your own is short sighted and will mean that we will stop providing the very subtitles you want to spread!

You are also ripping other site subtitles through users… Anyway, I say that a bit more tolerance for each others might be needed here.

I also aggree with that. I guess this MPC soft should be removed for several reasons. I told him that is not possible. But it does nothing for the French scenes! I have MPC 6. Second, I am willing to spend 30 sec.

This is of course highly subjective and others can have other reasons but I think we share the same emotion of joy to get positive feedback to our work and see it spread. These are the subtitle files I uploaded: Most do not have a great server as ou do to offer a software-based download.


Could you help me? So you have to add the SuperRepo repository in order to get it. Like Podnapisi, it is known for being updated regularly. So in most cases, the four or five star ones are the most accurate. But i have a problem with MKV Files. That is this interface which is the problem!

Create a great community, do great work and your efforts will be appreciated. Hi Tom, I am having a problem with Kodi in that the movie play screen is missing all the icons on the bottom right side, info, subtitles, settings, etc.

Although we believe the subtitle addons we list in this article are safe, not subtitlss Kodi addons are. I am learning German and your service helps me big time! Whether you wanna play it as the idealist guy is up to you. If so, nothing was found. And he really purchased me lunch cause I found it for him. We should see this feature in this players too. Music for children the turkey and the turkey. However, it also has a huge collection of subtitles sets.

I cannot believe it: