I’m still processing my response to this book. Jun 25, Lynn Dorcas rated it liked it. This gets worse over time, and the people of that remote Nova Scotian mountain range were no exception. In , a year-old member of the South Mountain Goler family broke down in tears at school. Many of the convicted Golers got out of prison and returned to the impoverished conditions which ultimately caused the problem in the first place, with a complete lack of understanding of what was wrong or what needed to change. Some Other Dude December 23, at 7: They collected welfare checks and would sometimes work for nearby farms, but they were otherwise almost entirely removed from society. That’s why articles, novels, etc are send to an entire editing department and are proofed multiple times before they’re published.

This documentary is terribly inaccurate by the way. Apr 26, Heather rated it liked it. I’m still processing my response to this book. To view it, click here. Jul 21, Chris Wallbruch rated it really liked it. Feb 08, JonSnow rated it it was amazing. I’m gonna have to think about this one still

One has to wonder how many such families might exist or have existed in Appalachia and other more remote areas of North America. The first few chapters, while interesting history of the valley and mountain, were a bit difficult to get through for me personally because I wasn’t concerned about things like how the mountain was formed and what geographic features dot the landscape.

Refresh and try again. Eventually, fifteen men and one woman were charged with hundreds of allegations of incest and sexual abuse of children as young as five.

To them, this abuse was a comfortable way of life that they have always known. From aboutseveral of the children had attempted to tell outsiders and authorities about the abuse they suffered, but were disbelieved and returned to their family who punished them.

Gruesome, devastating, and beautifully written. Sign up for LibraryThing to find out whether you’ll like this book. Jacob April 14, at 1: They honestly did not know that they did anything wrong.

Were the adults just victims carrying out the actions they were taught in sotuh youth? They clxn without remorse but yet considered to be no danger to society.


Views Read Edit View history. They should have been punished harsher. Immediately, the Goler clan, were arrested and charged with sexual assault, while all of their under aged souh were taken from them and put into foster homes. Kudos to Donna Goler for her activism. The “Stile” also was completely unfamiliar, and I’ve It is hard to enjoy a book with such a gruesome focus.

In this case it happens to be the Annapolis Valley in Nova Scotia. I found the majority of this book to be a throwaway but the mobie reason why the authors kept in these irrelevant parts was because they likely didn’t have enough information about the Goler’s to have more than pages. Home Groups Talk Zeitgeist. You Muntain is more addictive than smoking Beans! Mar 22, Hanaa rated it it was ok Shelves: There was only one full-time prosecutor who normally handled one or two rape cases per year, alongside a relatively small number of assaults, thefts, disorderly conduct and other crimes.

The Goler Clan Spent Years In Their Isolated, Incestuous Town – Until The Cops Showed Up

Replace ‘greater’ with ‘better’. But the hard core testimony I heard from these children, should not be cloaked in luscious prose. Retrieved from ” https: Being from Nova Scotia and hearing about the Golers growing up, I couldn’t wait to read this book.

Mar 17, Marc rated it liked it.

On South Mountain: The Dark Secrets Of The Goler Clan

People like this have self value issues. It doesn’t mean that the person isn’t educated. The Golers are a clan of poor, rural families in Canadaon Nova Scotia ‘s South Mountainnear Wolfvilleknown for inter-generational poverty and the conviction in the s of a large number of family members for sexual abuse and incest.

The Goler family lives a gpler life on South Mountain, just a few miles from Wolfville with its pleasant tree-lined streets and well respected Acadia University. Thankfully, it was stopped when it was. But then the real story began and I was engrossed, horrified, amazed.


I cannot come to grips on who is to blame as so many people in the health care profession were aware of what was going on and did nothing. It gradually became clear that this had been going on for generations, a cycle endlessly repeated. It’s muontain to note that you definitely got these facts wrong.

This is a very disturbing book to read. Google Books — Loading CD Audiobook 0 editions.

On South Mountain : The Dark Secrets of the Goler Clan

For their story, I thank those, like Donna, for sharing with the world her bitter struggles. Jan 24, Morgan Rector rated it really liked it. Incest may not be illegal in every society, but it is, at the very least, socially unacceptable virtually everywhere.

These stories of generational child abuse in every form has proven impossible to forget. Once you start reading of the actual goings on of this highly dysfunctional and sexually twisted family, it is a page-turner. The children were all abused, physically, sexually and emotionally.

Especially with such a dark subject matter. Then sourh transitions into a disturbing nightmare. Horrible things happened to these children, and the book is certainly not for anyone who has a problem reading true stories gpler graphic CSA. The brave testimony of year old Donna Goler helped to get convictions for many members of the clan. Because so much of what happened has been turned into jokes about rednecks giler incest, I would recommend it to any Nova Scotians who only know of the Goler’s through gossip.

Shon August 6, at 6: I have to say I was struck at the division between the mountain and the valley described in the book, because, yes, I did not know these towns just a few miles away on the South Mountain. Reading the rest of the book is liking watching a train wreck.