Lastly, in the end she finally achieved her father’s goal for her of overcoming her grief to become the best pansori singer. Therefore, these days not so many people look for pansori, so we are now not able to find a chance to see a performance of pansori often. Christine Kim July 17, at Before we paid attention to Pansori, many would felt that Pansori is a boring and agonizing performance. Meta [Happily never after] Maybe There is the general feeling throughout the movie of ‘han’, some incredible sorrow that cannot be expressed through words alone.

Physical abuse such as spanking and whipping has been a great part of Korean parenting. Also, surprisingly, arirang, a song that they sing along for more than 5 minutes straight in the film did not bore me out. Anonymous July 17, at 8: For instance, in the scene where the whole family is singing together in a rare moment of content and happiness, the camera doesn’t move its focus from the scenery even when the characters are not in view. They represent the loneliness and constant wandering the family go through. Rather, the camera does not move and is usually positioned in a way so that all the characters can be seen from that location. Start With a Classic Cult.

He kkrean changes his mind about Pansori and believes Pansori will dominate Korean culture in one day. I cried buckets too. It made me to concentrate more on the singing which acts as important factor in the movie as well it expanded the sadness of the song.

A story that follows the lives and interactions of two Buddhist monks living in South Korea. The conveyance of emotion is well achieved through frequent use of close-ups and even an extreme long shot. The director also uses close up shots. I think a specific point of the film we need to take note of is the use of the camera.

Seopyeonje: How a Surprise Art-House Megahit Showed Korea its Own Forgotten Culture

One of the continuing motifs used by Im Kwon-Taek in the film Sopyonje, is the constant usage of long shots to show off Korean scenery. CaroleMcDonnell June 15, at Korea is quite famous of its beautiful historic sceneries, such as mountains and natural landscapes, and this films heavy usage of long shots clearly depict sopyknje remarkable beauty of the nation.

However, those incredibly difficult times as zopyonje by Bruce Cumings, were what inevitably made Korea the powerhouse it is today. Such condition represents what the family is going through: When she sings alone in the beginning of the film or when with her father, close-shots are never used to show her facial expressions. Through flashback, we are told the story of the Dong-ho and Song-hwa’s upbringing, as You-bong takes them from town to town, earning what little he can from pansori performances ancient songs of unrequited love, loss and regret sung with accompaniment from a single drum while teaching them the art behind successful pansori singing.


The movie sets from to But, I did find out the importance of this film. The film sticks mainly with long shots, particularly those of the family walking to and from their destinations and mivie simple soundscapes, the actors’ voices usually being the main source of music.

The Korean Film Archive has made it officially available: At Yubong’s death, Yubong tell her to keep her grief in her mind to master Sopyonje. For instance, in the scene with the men and two women drinking, we see how the camera remains unchanging for a very long time until one of his friends leave. Dong-ho requests a song and accompanies her with his drum, recalling his past.

The tale has one truly shocking twist, but the overall What Sopyonje does remarkably is make this complex concept of han perfectly accessible through the story of the family in this film, the story of pansori, as well as in the parallel story of Korea that it tells through this family.

They are presented unbroken and without commercials, except for the one that might show up at the top of the movie. Long shots with landscape and pansori is very beautiful. This way of using the camera allows the audience to focus on the mise-en-scene of each carefully thought out frame and highlights the talents of oorean actors rather than the film effects, which I think was ssopyonje asset of Sopyonje. I’ve also gained a love of pansori from this film Dayeon Hyeon July 18, at 8: Korean needs to keep their original music, which is Pansori.

Take Care of My Cat The shots help to show the amount of energy they put into the singing, which allow us to feel how much they enjoyed doing this together. Julie Jiong Yi Huang “Sopyonje” is a film based on the obstacles that a traditional Korean family faces due to their relationship with the traditional Korean opera known as Pansori. First of all, the film is very long and slow. Overall, the film is a unique piece because the camera works are different than the other films mobie have seen.


Add the first question. In addition, Im Kwon-taek illustrates the transition from older, more traditional Korean society to a newer, more Westernized society. It was only after her father died and she sang in restaurants that her clothing changed back to colors, albiet dark ones.

Hangul Celluloid: Sopyonje ( South Korea) Review

The things that support her are waiting her brother and love of her brother. This scene gives me big impressions that they are just singing instead of talking. After a while, the clothing was too short on her, and after her brother left, her hanboks were black and white. This discordance is a literal and figurative expression of the incompatibility between two different time periods and lifestyles, which further establishes the chasm growing between pansori and the present world.

East Asia Cinema and Cultural Heritage. This scene is the happiest moment through this movie. In addition, there is a recurring theme of the phasing out of pansori. Siah Seong July 17, at 5: Grand Bell Award for Best Film.

At the last few minutes of the movie where Dong Ho finally found Song Hwa and started playing the drums and singing together. Evelyn Benitez July 17, at 4: This section may be too long and excessively detailed. Each song sung reflects a certain point in their story.

The extreme close-ups also showed how intense Pansori can be by focusing on the characters’ faces as they sang. Some say he made her blind to stop her from leaving him.

The time period setting and the main theme, Pansori, is not the one that my generation can easily understand and enjoy.