The palace maids and eunuchs light sparklers and make well wishes. Princess and Si Han walk up to the stage together. Di Fujin walks up with Ming Yu. She begged Yinti to send a letter to Yinzhen, requesting to see the emperor one last time before she dies. Perhaps it is because he had recently recovered from his illness. Enter Email Address Here. He wants to know what has happened.

Ruo Xi wakes up after flailing for a moment. I wonder what would happen if Ming Hui knows about Ruo Lan and her lost love. Both are arranging the tent as they converse. She replies it is a small matter. She looks at him, away from him, back at him. I just spend another whole night watching all my favourite parts and weeping my tissue box clean. Meanwhile, Ruo Xi sits at the scene of the staircase accident, running 4th words through her mind. He walks over and asks her if they know each other.

I think my favourite is still the 4th. Rou Xi shakes her head, assuring that is not how she feels. Yinzhen then released Epiaode from custody and began a romantic relationship with Ruoxi. He mentions that no one forgot Ruo Xi after she died.

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He replies of course. No matter how much their father had tried to force her, Ruo Xi had resolutely refused to learn. She was at a loss as how to react to the second. I love 14th and 10th!!! HMM, so does he have those motives in the drama version too?


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Blogging takes hours, commenting takes minutes. The prince does not answer but he continues to be puzzled by her insistence. Ruo Xi nudges Yu Tang with a grin and her mood lifts. All in all, 4th ended up quite the tragic character.

I need to catch up on BBJX.

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No wonder 10th is happy to spend time with her. I love stories and sibopsis, so I watch dramas and blog. Has Epiaode Zheng been falling in love with the wrong girl all this time? Ruo Xi claims it is a moment of conflict. Ruo Lan replies that she does not know. Startled she stares at the prince and receives a concentrated dose of 4th. They all have their motives.

Still angry, Ruo Xi flings one last handful of snow clutched in her hands at 4th. He really is a very loving father.

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Great symbol right there. Her elder sister replies that all the princes have more than one wife. Ruo Xi bows to 4th and after a quick glance at 8th, sinopeis returns to her post. She tells Ruo Xi she is worried about her. She slants her eyes, tilting her nose and says she wants to treat him a little better for his birthday. She throws more handfuls and he continues to block them.


Yu Tang gives her sworn sister a sly grin and asks why 4th send snuff to Ruo Xi. If 10th accepts the ruyi, it will show disrespect to the elders. What can she do to me?

They walk slowly, 10th with his squinted close eyes with Ruo Xi laughs beside him. He says his wife has done enough.

She tells Ruo Lan she knows what kind of tricks Ruo Lan is playing. Ruo Xi asks she is and the young woman frowns, saying Ruo Xi must really be brain damaged not to recognise her. Oh, and I’m Legend of Zhen Huan-obsessed! While Ruo Xi considers his reply, the prince grabs the oars and announces they are returning to shore. Without any feeling, she repacks the red bundle and thanks the eunuch for running the errand. OTOH, I don’t like 14’s behaviour. And the dramatic music and the rain and the way they silently just kneel there in unity, OMG.

Ruo Xi leans forward and tightly hugs Ruo Lan, tears falling rapidly and Ruo Lan comforts her distressed sister.