What is the probability that out of seven billion people on the planet, the person I like would like me back? He also asks her to places without stating his intentions–like he wants it to be a date, but he recognizes it isn’t. He’s being cautious, because unlike CB he has a ton more to lose if this should fail to pan out. Poor sad lonely Chilbongie – famous sports guy making all kinds of money flying all over the world but sitting all alone on his freaking birthday. In 97 series, even if we had taken off the entire arc out of the story, it would have still been an enjoyable watch, but 94 would have been no different from any other drama if the arc and the wedding video sequence is taken off. It’s like, I mean, seriously? Your best friend liking the same girl as you and believing the girl you like may not be interested in you seem like good reasons to me. He would return and spend the next episodes reconnecting with his mom, spending fun times with the boarders, and discovering new love with someone else.

Oh no, did she pass away? It’s just sad that the writers are just using his character to put trash and na jung closer, and will end like other stereotypical secondleads – he producing the needed conflict in the romantic part of the drama, and after not having the girl, either a martyr on the end – like leejung jae – or he gets another girl which cannot actually compensate for his poorcharacter: I’m team Jung Hwan, but I really think the formula is doing the writing and the story a disservice Which was done is quieter smaller moments which you can’t write long articles about. Because the show was trying so hard with the who’s-the-husband game and I was rooting for our Chilbongie, I found myself disliking Garbage Oppa more and more which doesn’t even really make sense cause I actually really loved his character during the first half of the drama. The writer created all of the characters. I love its look at the small moments in life and its exploration of bonds that go beyond romance.


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The show never really told us something different, we even got NJ and Trash in couple clothes in the first poster. I applause your bravery for writing everything I’ve had in my mind but was too afraid to say.

But then I wait at least twenty minutes before replying why I disagree or not even reply at all because they actually made a lot of sense once I cleared my head because I want to be objective and not make a fool out of myself, lol.

If only heart works that way. Diqry is already so much to love. It’s so much more than just a ove triangle or sinopsiz the husband is.

At the opposite end, Deoksun’s only really been hinting that she’s into him after Taek’s confession to the boys. That was my take on that scene. On another tangent, I’ve graduated, but I’m still a far left ethnic studies student at heart. Now it’s just all awkward with her wanting his attention by being all girly and stuff. The main plot line was definitely the love triangle, which wasn’t handled all that well from a technical and emotional stand point.

Oh no, did she pass away?

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I’ll be rooting for Sun-woo’s mom and him until the end even when Sun-woo throws in that big blob of jealously at him or even when he is Jin-ju’s slave an adorable slave he is.

They worry about his condition, eiary that he stayed up the night before, and we see Taek look more worn than usual as his game wears on.

Dong-ryong brings over his latest X-rated rental to watch with Taek, and they pop it into the VCR diafy as Deok-sun busts into the room. I do think in that sense neither guy gets the classic win because both got shafted throughout the journey for the sake of keeping episodw in the race till the last possible second, but as far as resolutions go, I was satisfied for both of them and found the final hour more pleasant than most of the second half of the series, which so often put mystery before character development.


Nicolette December 28, at Sammy December 12, at The degrees change in attitude is not that well written, IMHO. And I think at the last scene when Oppa didn’t bring his car and said we can walk, is kinda a metaphore of their relationship and definietly of his diarry slownessbut I really liked this lets just take it slow feeling.

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It truly is nasty. Chilbong is a good guy and all that, but he’s all words most of the time.

Yep, all the NJ-CB interactions in eps were the worse e;isode. There’s more to that then just not feeling like you want to burden yourself to your gf. The writers barely gave him an in depth storyline until only the end where we finally see why he is lonely. Dongsaeng killer December 28, at 2: So I agree on kudos to the writers for that. Then, there’s Na Jung whom I believed knew she likes him since she had confessed to him on 1st April.

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They can hold it over sook sookie when he’s older. It frustrates me to no end, but I can’t stop, so I need something lighter and more epixode, like this one. This is just a puppy love which happens when you’re young and pretty.

She’s learned and grown up a bit since Sun-woo and isn’t giving her feelings as easily. I couldn’t care less with whom she’ll end up.

And Samcheonpo tells his cabbie the best route to take home like an expert. She rushes toward Gangnam, worried that traffic might make her late to reoly Chilbongie.