So caring, soft and gentle. Day turns to night as he stands, unmoving, staring out at the courtyard. Your email address will not be published. I was a temp for a few years and it sucked. Fancy Nancy December 4, at 8: I was waiting for him to get his comeuppance, too. I relate to this drama in so many ways even though my career would never take me down the office work route.. As other teams are awarded for their high performances from the past year, Geu-rae realizes that despite his high hopes for the Jordan used-car project, most teams out-performed Sales Team 3.

I’m not rooting for him to reform and find love, I’m rooting for her to slash his car tires! Quite honestly, his performance as Chief Oh is one of the best acting performances I’ve ever seen, in Korean or any other language – and it has been a privilege and a pleasure to watch. A year from now, their marriage certificate will be replaced by a divorce filing. He gives the cup way too much momentum for an involuntary movement, he also opens the cup just in the right direction. You want to know that your words matter to the other person. And I really love that this is a drama where the grand prize at the end of it all isn’t to a huge chaebol business or anything fancy or heroic – it’s just negotiating a difficult environment and and getting to do their jobs properly. I volunteered to be a Ye-liner spy who would engage in espionage in MinHoYoung aka BoHo Ship affairs and throwing occasional shipping gauntlets into the sea.

I’m almost speechless except that I have to agree with so many comments and accolades so well written by all beanies here.

She’s just too cute and I love everything about her. When exactly did he send her the jewelry?

He was throwing tantrums only a few weeks before this and he still has a lot of growing up to do. This is not that amazing show but such a lovely show with lovely couple. But Deputy Director Sun arrives, breathless, asking to meet with them.

More importantly, we finally discover what fateful road lead him to take that soaring leap in Jordan.


I am handing every Poemie a giant kimbap while fanning myself despite my hands being so heavy. He seems pretty proud of himself until Assistant Manager Kang corrects his pronunciation. I didn’t feel that way for Min Ho. That is of course correct. Jae-wook chuckles and corrects her misunderstanding: However, while I love them rdamatized characters and think they’re cute as a couple, I don’t find them interesting.


She says three — the first sinopsiss her childhood neighbor, the second time was a boy at the orphanage, and the third time was her high school penpal. I admit watching lots of kdrama couple is fun but in real life, some of relationship will not working in real life. My theory is Bo Young.

Finally, thank you saya for covering this drama, kimbapnoona for starting the ball rolling into massive fanwall posts and wishfultoki for hosting the poetry contest and many more! Agree Excellent drama The best so far but I have watched several times but never find it boring.

Daftar Sinopsis Drama Korea: October

That hug when they meet up To me, there is no question that Jung Pal was the first lead. The past 10 weeks have been a pleasure mainly due to the wonderful characters in this spectacular show.

We still see them working at the hospital, eating out together. As opposed to, the usual settling of romcoms, inventing the same improbably contrivances only for the goal of some OTP chubbiness out of it for us to swoon, forget our brains…without any real deeper resonance. Really, I can’t figure out why life is so hard. I’m probably going to wait until next week to get as many messages as possible and then get to it.

Sunny Happiness Episodes 13-14 Recap

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sjnopsis diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna. I will remember this whole experience so fondly not only because of this lovely funny imperfect show, but because of all of you lovely funny perfect Beanies. Kennedy Rose December 4, at 4: Please enter your username or email address. The casting director clearly values talent!


His unwillingness to let the resource team give away projects, and his particular focus on Chief Jung turns the chief into a stuttering mess of nerves. I find the song at the end both funny and well suited for the drama. It’s actually a Russian classic by the Great Vladimir Vysotsky himself, Koni Privedlivye, “untamed horses” free translation. Thank you so much for sharing this great performance with us, and for all your hard work!

I guess if I were living in Korea or had visited I’d recognise the chicken rib chain restaurant but since I don’t notice that at all. Even if she sits on the furnace and eats a cold bowl of rice for lunch.

Thank you for pursuing the craft of acting. It’s Christmas — hopefully our Chief Beanies aren’t hanging around to moderate and are actually having a nice dramatizec

I like that their relationship began with admiration and mutual respect, which remained and increased as their relationship progressed. SH — I bow to your awesomeness. I have zero idea how accurate this is. Why couldn’t they have spared some of Dr.

They are definitely one of my fav. She’s definitely one of my all time favs. That’s how Geu Rae is like! He has a long way to go. Baek-ki shows off his German skills as he speaks to a buyer on the phone. So, then, is he planning to do the same with Geu-rae? Min-ho gets Bo-young to repay her jjimjilbang debt by buying him food.

But instead of returning to the office to look through the report, he texts Seok-yul that he can just go home.

A path that fails to do this is not a path. Epidode is much easier. It takes time to settle into a new relationship. Drama viewership ratings for the week of Feb.