HW is looking a lot happier in the preview so I guess that though she may not accept his proposal just yet, she is willing to start dating for real and take things slow. I can’t agree enough! I am angry with the writers – they let the kids down, they let the romance down, they let the sweet new family down, all for the sake of a truly weak and miserable excuse for a human being. I’m a little disappointed that we didn’t get a big media fall-out with the wife coming back and stuff. They made Hae Young and Do kyung so real that I was able to laugh and cry with both of them all throughout. You – and gummimochi – are much kinder and more charitable than I could possibly be.

She compliments for doing the right thing in bringing HW home. Another thing is the script or lines spoken by the Qing prince. She recovers and lowers her head for the prince, while Gyun Woo clutches his own hairpin prize in his hand. We have to understand the meaning of Na Da Jeong’s words: I am watching “You From Another Star” with my year old daughter last one. Syn Tri June 29, at 8:

So just keep that status. The king looked worn as he pleaded with Gyun Woo to accept the position, claiming that Gyun Woo was the only one he could trust.

I thought, if DK could see this scene he would be laughing with her and that’s why they are so good together. Yes some of her actions were uncalled for and that is what makes her character fascinating. Maybe DO will get whacked over the head and suddenly return to acting her normal age….

There are other shows and hopefully I see you all there. Oh my gosh yes! I mean i’m used Korean dramas who claimed to be romantic comedy and become serious as the drama goes on.

Twilight must be amazing then. I noticed they got it right for his entourage. The last few episodes revolved around her which I couldn’t care less about.

PakalanaPikake June 30, at 6: Episode 5 by TeriYaki. It’s not like anyone in the show or watching care about NY.


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Hyemyeong turns back toward Dalhan as he says this, and after a moment of silence, he looks over her shoulder to encourage Dauvhter Woo to translate. I wish there was something more after the handshake. Episode 5 by TeriYaki.

I really appreciate it when actors go the extra mile to learn new skills to draw upon. Elsewhere, Joon-ki and Yul watch their children playing together with a smile. The story is heartwarming, and each character was brought to life.

My Daughter Seo-young: Episode 12 | Carrotblossom Patch

Sinospis will still remember this drama for the touching moments it had and the entertaining story it told but I can’t help but wish for a little more. She didn’t add anything to the story, was poorly written, and except for a brief time when her soon refused to see her, she got the fluffy bunny happy time she wanted?

Writers please, this was one of the most bitter endings I’ve seen and the sad part is I loved the show, faults and all, but this finale took away some of that enjoyment. This is the second drama in a raw for KBS that totally disappointed me His character is what a hero should be like. This is a fresh start, and because we already know that there is love between them, it is easy to see that only happiness will follow.

Sometimes a tad bit of humour is needed to deal with the toughest situations in life and your sweetest sister did it for you guys Those of us who loved this rom-com so much did so as much for the happy new-family, a family made whole, as for the romance. Episode 9 My Daughter Seo-young: It could have been played out in another way. Just like how PDK did. I’m really enjoying this show.

I came back to correct myself, I meant “defuse” rather than “diffuse” tense situations? I’ve quite a few korean friends, and, while some may have been conservative, but they are not that shallow or narrow minded people. Na-young apologizes for overreacting but before she leaves, Yul says he has one important thing to tell her: Haha, if we ever play that game, here’s to hoping we always get drunk ; Btw, I saw your comment about healing Tae-jin!


Recaps are on their way. He sheepishly stands from behind the couch and slinks out with Soo-kyung. I was happy that I have a great family; but I went to sleep early to ease my episoed. The core theme of the drama vision seen of the future events has been lost! Yes, yes, me, me with my hands raised, LSJ is beautiful lest!! By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Sinopssis insists on staying with Da-jung, adding that the kids are being taken care of.

Lee Seo Jin is beautiful-lest! The note goes on to say that she thinks people marry out of loyalty more than love, but she hopes that they stay together for a very long time. Decision My Daughter Seo-young: He uses formal speech, which makes the proposal sounds ridiculously more swoon-worthy.

Should i watch it?!

Basically, in trying to tell an unconventional story the inclusion of first wife in the narrative, definitely not the age gap … the last two episodes had to suffer satisfying cultural conventions.

Like everyone wrote, it paved way to a really mild end. I repeated the part where they danced along Se Hyun Jin’s song. HW insists she sees a nice, innocent man. Both showed that they spisode strongly about your project.

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Jobs, kids, all the other responsibilities that we have – they have a way of sucking the life out of us if we let them. Kwon Yul rocks, or rather he exude sexiness. I personally feel like JW looks tired and bored sometimes.

It was great that Da Jung realized how great Kwon Yul is and went after him.