A press conference to announce the film adaptation The Fierce Wife: Janel Tsai Supporting Cast. Review by Tho Shu Ling. This page was last edited on 13 February , at Thada thinks of Kanya after he’s home. The ending does not resolve Anzhen’s choices, hence the movie set four years after the divorce or two years after the end of the TV series. Things become complicated when Kanya gets sexually involved with Thada.

Aruna’s unhappy about Kanya’s behavior at home. Who will Thada choose in the end? He made Thada misunderstanding that he wanted to commit suicide. Watch ‘ The Fierce Wife ‘ with our fast and smooth mobile player, optimized for your phone and tablet. Was her interview run smoothly? Soon after, Wei’en starts seducing Rui Fan who reluctantly refuses her only to end up accepting her advances and filing for divorce from Anzhen. The original cast was roped in to complete this whole series. Anzhen going into a depression, finds herself learning how to live again from Lan Tianwei, a handsome young rich guy who is a perfectionist and top Manager of the Car company where Ruixuan Ruifan’s sister and Anzhen’s best friend gets her a job.

Aruna feels suspicious of her husband who’s not dressed neatly while Aruna returns home The filming started in Octoberand was first broadcast on 5 November His comeback as a good man seeking for forgiveness was very sincere and he displayed much depth in character as he faces some dilemma and shock along the way. Also, merchandise has sold well in Taiwan and fifrce.

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The Fierce Wife Volunteer Team. Thada introduces Kanya to work at his company. Log in with Email. Review by Tho Shu Ling. It was a drama series that was immensely popular and sparked a lot of conversation. Thada’s surprised at Aruna’s transformation when Aruna attended his promotion party Lan Tian Wei ends up falling in love with Anzhen although Anzhen is oblivious to it. Other than the outstanding performance from the cast, the storyline was also highly praised. The narrative was one that was meaningful and pulled many heart strings, with a great balance and did not turn out to be overly sappy.


Anzhen welcomes Wei En and her cat Oliver with open arms, even helping her get a job at Rui Fan’s company. Promotional poster for The Fierce Wife.

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Aruna’s worried when Nuda fell down at school. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

Episodes This show does not have any episodes. Chris Wang Main Cast. When Kanya confesses her feelings to Thada, Aruna appears Please encourage them by leaving drma comment below! The original cast was roped in to complete this whole series.

How will Aruna cope with her husband’s decision?

Xie Anzhen is a happily devoted housewife to Wen Ruifan, a handsome young man, Marketing and Sales manager at a cosmetics company up for a promotion to VP. Cast – The Fierce Wife. Drmaa Sonia Sui started out her career as a model, she has earned quite a good reputation in acting over the years.

Was her interview run smoothly?

They both start a fight. Kanya seduces Thada in the kitchen at night At the very least what was portrayed inside was very realistic and reflective of the society nowadays. Thada wanted to reconcile with Aruna but Aruna refused. Kanya asked Thada to divorce with his wife but Thada refused to do so. Its popularity was not only restricted to Taiwan, the drama series also made its way to our local television channel and was equally well received.


Will An Zhen return back to him or move on to a new love? In fact, it is so popular in Singapore that the tickets for the preview of this movie were sold out in just 10 minutes. Aruna’s unhappy about Kanya’s behavior at home. Vasin accompanied Aruna to send Nuda to hospital. Furious and upset, An Zhen has no choice but to file for divorce. He teaches her that there is life after Wen Rui Fan and that she needs to get over it and focus on what really matters in life.

Aruna finds out that the smell of perfume on Thada’s shirt is the same as Kanya’s Vasin’s surprised when he sees Kanya at Aruna’s house.

Things become complicated when Kanya gets sexually involved with Thada. Si Man Ning Main Cast. Kanya leaves Aruna’s house after having a fight with Aruna but Thada coaxes her to back home.

The TV series was a big hit in Xie An Zhen Sonia Sui thought she had the perfect life. One of which is empowering women these days to fight for their own rights and pursue their own interest.