By Xelzy , Feb 23, Luckily, there is news about a second season for School Rumble to come soon. Choose a video to embed. He credits his love for Tenma for saving him from his dark path. School Rumble is highly addictive because it is just so funny. Its a great show to just watch at odd times it usually doesn’t follow too direct of continuation from the episodes.

She’ll send it by bow and arrow, and spends most of the day chasing Karasuma around with a bow and arrow, shooting at him. Maburaho is a good anime with lots of romance in a magical school setting. Thankfully School Rumble doesn’t let me down. In which both developed a crush on him. I’m surprised it hasn’t gotten much attention; the show is extremely funny and at times very sweet. One of the delights of ‘School Rumble’ is watching how class delinquent Harima’s tough guy act crumbles every time he finds himself in the presence of the object of his frustrated affections: Why this girl has fallen for Karasuma is beyond me, since he seems to have zero personality and is completely oblivious to any of her advances.

Where can you watch Ah your Goddess Season 2 English dub? There wasn’t but there is now. When Eri sees Harima naked, she completely freaks out!! School Rumble Sukuran for short is an anime about an aloof high school girl named Tsukamoto Tenma, who has a crush on her classmate Karasuma Ooji who I consider to be like the brother of Pani Poni Dash’s Ichijou-san.

Its a great show to just watch at odd times it usually doesn’t follow too direct of continuation from the episodes. Harima is a delinquent after all, and what do delinquents like him do? It hasn’t been English dubbed yet.


I can’t find them anywhere! In which both developed a crush on him.


Split and merge into it. I object to the claim that the anime has nothing to do with a School Rumble, and I tend to think that “rumble” is meant more in a colloquial sense and in broken Englishand the craziness of the show could definitely enlish the description.

The music is fair. The music in this show is awesome! The weak point in this outrageous is the story, it’s not bad but it could be better. This leads to Hilarius jokes and really good puns. It can also be an wchool

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It is running the risk of becoming “old” and repetitive. No; this is Harima. Nicely drawn, good music, great characters. However, his childhood friend and fellow martial arts enthusiast is Mikoto, and there is a delightful character-revealing section looking back at their friendship when they were in elementary school. Completely oblivious, Karasuma dodges all arrows and continues scbool his way, while Harima finds himself a seeming target and does some matrix-style arrow dodging complete with camera spin to narrowly escape.

The story is about a one side love affair from several ways.

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It’s me, person asking the question And, I want the whole season. By TenshihoshinoSep 21, By XelzyFeb 23, As they try to confess there love to one another things keep happing that pervent them n it’s always something funny, it drags on to the second season to the last episodes and now i have to wait for it to come out but over all, the show is great eglish family and for kids and eumble all age i’d recommend this show to anyone and thats why i give it a 10 outa The triangle is set, here we go!

Fruits Basket is another good one, and while the anime is cute, you may want to start with the manga because the anime leaves you with a gaping hole for an ending. In these days, she happened to know that Karasumaru would move next year.


She even goes so far, out of the goodness of her heart, to coach him to declare episose love, utterly unaware as he stutters through the role play session, unable to say the three simple words, “I love you,” that she is the one who’s making him so tongue-tied.

Light-hearted and full of comedic confusion, School Rumble is the ideal antidote to winter weather blues. The firs word for this anime is love complication: School Rumble is a great manga to read and animation to watch. The love words, and gooey gooey moments will keep you hooked on the series. He performs the song “Kun he – Kaze ni Nosete” as the theme song for his character, Harima.

I hew sen alot of anime, but this one is the moste funey one I hew sen until now!!! The story then incoporates more other memorable characters, including, but not limited to, Sawachika Urmble, Suou Mikoto, Hanai Haruki, and my favorite character in the show Tsukamoto Yakumo.

Unfortunately,the third season is cancelled. The animation is unique, with a combination of different drawing techniques. Where can you watch Angel Tales season 2 English dubbed? It about Tenma who is in love with Karasuma he looks funny and has a bowl cut hair style and with Harima in love with Tenma and Karauma is some type of alien rumboe.

Tenma and Harima often ask themselves that question.