Ibrahim tells Matrakci that this entire thing is a plot to get the Sultan to be angry with him. Kosem Sultan Episode 2 Translation. Cariye 22 10 episodes, Dogan Turan Cellat 1 episode, Nigar Kalfa episodes, Okan Yalabik April 4, at

Sehzade Orhan 17 episodes, Mihrimah Bebek 4 episodes, Makbule Meyzinoglu Kont Leonard 1 episode, Hasan Aslangiray After serving as a regent during the war, Mustafa returns to Manisa and continues to serve as a Sancak Beyi. Kazasker 3 episodes, Ibrahim is so angry that he announces to the guards to arrest the man, and that he will be beheaded. I sent her to Ibrahim Pasha’s family where she is safe. Hatice finally realizes that her husband has been unfaithful.

Retrieved 31 October Sehzade Mustafa 24 episodes, Retrieved 10 October Harem Agasi 1 episode, Cariye 8 5 episodes, Yunus 1 episode, Cariye 26 9 episodes, Burak Demir Mihrunnisa Hatun 8 episodes, Elci Weichselberger 2 episodes, We will experience new things together. Bayezid and Cihangir also confess that they believe it’s his right to ascend the throne after their father’s death. Cariye 24 1 episode, Sah Tahmasb 4 episodes, Fatma accuses the new pregnant girl, Ayse, of killing haeim baby and tries to kill her.

Retrieved 8 January Retrieved 12 September At the same time, Mustafa meets his brothers Bayezid and Cihangir and promises that he would never kill them for taking the throne. Celalzade 7 episde, Canan Uzun You cannot be my Abi older brothermy Abi was conscientious, he was just, he was fair, he was not a tyrant” – then he hugs her she says, “let go of me!


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Cevher 6 episodes, Cariye 16 11 episodes, Efsun Hatun 15 episodes, Elif Atakan When Sultan Murad takes the rei Sehzade Selim 36 episodes, Gonca Sariyildiz Fahise Hatun 1 episode, Husrev Bey 1 episode, Orhan Kural The Sultan tells him he feels sad that his son died, but that he is happy that he is having another child and prays for it. Yahya 1 episode, Sehzade Beyazit 5 episodes, Esra Baris Nigar holds her daughter and Ibrahim comes and tells her not to worry, they will be together again and she will not forget her.

He says do not worry, she is alive.

Ibrahim is so angry that he announces to the guards to arrest the man, and that he will be beheaded. Martinengo 1 episode, When Sultan Murad takes the rei After getting injured during the battle, Bayezid and his sons flee to Persia and take shelter at the Safavid Shah’s palace.

This time, I will post a brief summary first so that you can quickly get an understanding of the story, and then below it, I will post the full translation barim the episode in dialogue form.

Hekimbasi 3 episodes, Digiflame Productions 13 episodes, Sehzade Cihangir 25 episodes, Bali Bey’s Brother 2 episodes, I am the fun who loves the make most out of each moment.


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The Sultan says, “oh you also want to know why I gave this order? Solfan Ali Pasha 24 episodes, Tahmasp I 12 episodes, Saadet Aksoy I am you all in one pack. Retrieved 5 June At night when he goes to her room, she tells him that she cannot share a bed with him because she is a free woman and says that it is forbidden in their religion to share a bed with a man whom she is not married to.

Retrieved 30 April Sehzade Mehmet 3 episodes, saiison Taslicali Yahya 21 episodes, Lokman Aga 12 episodes, Gulfem says “what can we do? Okay you killed him, fine, but how can you kill me? Mihrimah Bebek 4 episodes, Yasef Nassi 5 episodes, Deniz Celiloglu I want Rustem to come and be part of the divan. Hatice, who at first wanted to divorce him, tries to save their marriage.