That is a punishment for betraying your team mates.. Gong Hyo Jin looks and plays her characters so frail. Ji-hyo happens to drop by the jail where Kwang-soo is sitting alone. I thought k-netizens hate song jihyo after the nail incident? The members arrive looking for the keys quickly because the car they leave in only seats 5 people, so with Gwangsoo being a traitor, the members have to leave another person behind. Niz August 27, at 8: THAT is a legitimate look of surprise when Kwang-soo is announced as the main lead and the cast erupts into cheers.

The Chaser is on the loose this week with one mission: I know some people thought the rule has too much disadvantages for ‘supporting role’ team, but I don’t think so. I was looking at Lee Kwang-soo with the other people in the picture the one before the last one and I knew he was tall I saw him in City Hunter , but wow, he is really tall. The cast arrives some time later and raise their eyebrows at the screen where Kwang-soo and Suk-jin are tied up. Soon, Jong-kook finds his as well but as he runs towards the car, he spots Kwang-soo in the distance. Mong isn’t afraid to show the “bad Jihyo. He backs in towards his seat but the Blue Team just smack his butt, telling him to sit down already. But Hyo-jin will have none of that and immediately attacks back, much to their surprise.

Kwang-soo blushes a bright red when he hears they need to embrace each other to pop the balloon.


The three of them sit there in a circle, trying to piece the bits together. Every time he goes on it he doesn’t appear much unlucky: But it just feels like it’s been all planned out. She tells them to keep their eyes on the prize to retrieve the gold badge. Phew — so rpisode work! Meanwhile, The Chaser team have to complete their mission to eliminate someone while the members are searching for the black box in a parking tunning filled epsrama cars!

This episode was planned to let LKS shine. Our main couple enter the jail with solemn faces — what happened to Suk-jin? Cherry86 September 2, at 9: I love it when the girl guests are feisty: But little do they know, Sang Joong is just using them.

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The Last Princess working English title. This is Kookie Style? Kudos to Big nose Hyung for making it to the 2nd place! Epddama maybe a drama special rather than a miniseries then.

I would be really happy if gong hyo jin come again in the next running man episode. Popeye always called Olive Oyl by her full name. They start throwing out accusations but Sang-joong is drawing near and they run. It was after this that LKS went on a rampage. How funny is that Jong-kook pets the fake tiger like a pet? But you know, that wouldn’t be funny at all.


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All Korean Drama Series List. Please read the FAQ for more info. Hyo-jin is this close to eliminating Jae-suk in the stairwell but her hand slips at the last second.

And then the unthinkable — Kwang-soo actually charges at Jong-kook. I was wondering if the poor giraffe’s leg wouldn’t crack under the weight of the tigeress What I also did not get is, why plug Chaser now that its already over So Jae suk has picked everyone up.

The next hour is followed epdama the members being suspicious of one another, being chased by guards, and by Sang Joong and Shin Young.

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If it wasn’t for the love of running man DanRoYan September 9, at 9: LKS had seven nametags and a heroine to protect him. You can watch free dramas and movies online and English subtitle.

It has one of my favorite actors, Kim Sang-joong. March 20, at 7: I wish them both the best!