So, his connection to this case existed, after all, but it was one of concealment, not murder. Contributors Become a contributor. This show has been anything but boring not like coughPTcough , I enjoy tremendously every single character and when say every single one of them, I mean it. Lee Jung Hyuk Supporting Cast. Normally the past between the families is so horrible there’s no way the families can put apart their dislike and differences. Our couple deserves it. I hear your voice Teaser2:

It’s just awesome, thanks: Kim Soo Yeon Supporting Cast. They drink beer on a bench and cheer each other up. Do you know how much I wanted to? What an awesome ride this show has been. Lee Seung Hyung Supporting Cast. Enclosed are materials and evidence related to the case.

Download the latest version here. Watch ‘ Prosecutor Princess ‘ with our fast and smooth mobile player, optimized for your phone and tablet. XD with fondness in the future. I love how this was totally NOT what i was expecting to happen! I am looking forward to the next episodes especially since the re-caps eplsode me on edge! PP will be missed, a lot! I can just feel HR’s fatigue.

Lee Jong Suk Main Cast. Hye-ri is rightfully surprised. Now that I think about it, it was everything you hoped for but never got. I searched on YT and Google, but to no avail. Kim So Yeon Main Cast. I love how the characters are so real.


I won’t feel good saying this: PP has made me adore her. Baek Seung Hyun Supporting Cast. Abuse of the TV.

But thans for that gif, I just woke up, and it put a wide smile in my faceeeeee! I feel like with the way everyone’s behaving, it’s not impossible that Hye-ri and In-woo get together. You and Hye-ri, how are there such people?

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S I want to thank you and kaedejun, for your commitment to this drama, and the people that follow your recaps, you 2 Girls are 1 in my Book. Shin says that he saw Ma Sang-tae leaving the scene, but that he had paid his hospital bills and gave him the briefcase with the money, so he left everything as it was.

I only started watching the series after it was coming to an end but PP was a pleasant surprise – I couldn’t stop watching it once I started! Hye-ri arrives to that apartment complex and calls In-woo, who happens to be… YES! Hye-ri’s mom’s reaction proncess right on. Choi Sung Ho Supporting Cast. This is the kind of scary, meticulous, persistent person I am.

For me it is the best Drama this year. Jung-sun eppisode has embraced her womanly attractiveness, and is using beauty creams. To see this family like this? PP is one of the best drama this year. Like diet coke and mentos, an explosive combination.


You insisted that we come here. This show has been anything but boring not like coughPTcoughI enjoy tremendously every single character and when say every single one of them, I mean it.

I Hear Your Voice

Episode 14 Full Episode S 1: Yeo Ho Min Supporting Cast. An action-packed drama of the events that occur when materialistic government tax lawyer Jung Hye-sung meets Park Suha, who has the ability to read people’s thoughts. And I finished the whole drama within a few days. In-woo expresses surprise — the little girl is growing up! Didn’t you love In-woo’s redemption, huh, huh? It ended, I’m so sad I cannot wait for your recap for the final episode. Beautiful recap, thank you so much.

Because of dad, he… I know how he lived, I know what he lost. Log in with Email. It is my first time chasing a drama like mad, going to miss every moment of it.

You wanted redemption, here you go, world! They can move on and face whatever comes because they have faith in each other.

I’ve loved it from start to finish!!!