What was I supposed to do? And if one closes their eyes during one of his outburts, one wouldn’t be able to believe how similar he sounds to Kang-ha of WUAS; the voice, the exact same temperament and the gritted teeth speech. She takes the file to read, but in comes her ajummas. About PY, I’m waiting for the writers to tell us about him, just like you: Did Prosecutor Ma say that she was going to quit? Hye-ri manages to go out, with the excuse of having to use the bathroom.

Outside, Se Joon reprimands Hye Ri privately. I totally fall in love with this drama, much more than Cinderella’s Sister and Personal Taste despite the two having more publicities and stellar casting Thanks a bunch for the awesome recap! I’m enjoying this drama quite a bit. What was I supposed to do? Although she cares more about skincare and fashion, she easily gets into law school with her incredible intellect and focus and passes the bar exam with flying colors. But the ride will be us seeing her change into someone more mature.. We begin with Ma Sang Tae going crazy because his lines are ringing off the hook, and the public has just gotten word that this murderer from fifteen years ago just may be him.

Then, how do you know that person?

It’s earlier than expected. And now I hand the baton to you! The fact that everyone was kind hearted was crucial here: Best drama of so far I’d say! I didn’t watch the Family Honor spells like it? I mentioned in episdoe last comment for episode 1 too.

lrincess This drama is so unexpected on so many levels. Regarding the muffin love, it was sweet, but incomplete. He wants Hye-ri to truly care for her job and it obviously rubs him the wrong way that she doesn’t and is rather wishy-washy.


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Useless but funny fact: I’m looking forward to reading you again I hope for other series gooddrmaa Log in with Email. But, will I be able to take a picture with you or not? Hye Ri grabs him, but she keeps wincing prematurely, afraid of how In Woo is going to push her off. Sung Byung Sook Supporting Cast.

Episove you always carry tens of thousands of dollars around? The writers better not mess this up with some random stuff. Jenny hugs In Woo after the trial, but when he turns to Hye Ri and her mother, they can only look at each other. He’s too perfect for me Thank you so much for the recap!

Please enter your username or email address. What a great pair for Prosecutor Princess. Prosecutor Yoon was the first one who threw her away. They share a cute food-bonding moment, in which the girl wants to call Jung-sun, but Se-joon epiisode to. About Some people are dealt all the right cards in life, but do some people squander their natural talents? She asks how he knew — did he follow her? Park Shi Hoo really made it episod with this drama.

Hye Ri is unable to move from her spot. They’ve been so enjoyable and you two have done a wonderful job with them. Looking forward to the tag-team work! Oh my gosh, me too. Hye Ri is touched, and she cleans up the place a bit for him.


Prosecutor Princess: Episode 16 (Final) » Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

I hope that people will read these recaps and really give this drama a fair chance. I am sooo looking forward to ep 5 of Prpsecutor Princess! Ok, why is that?

Not like in Cinderella’s Sister where I often find myself bored with the storyline, despite the beauty and deepness of the production.

He’s just too secretive and not upfront at all with his true intentions – even if they are epiaode. It’s turning out su be a really good drama I have already watched 4 – no spoilers hereand I am very happy that I stuck with it! I couldnt even finish watching ep 4 of PT. Makes me go through this bad case of withdrawal I would have done the same — and I identify with her position as the female bestie in many ways.

Loved his speedy dispatch of the baddies. I want season two!!

Prosecutor Princess

I’m glad you’re doing this series He’s like the guy that every girl dreams for. When they were kids, pretty and lovely Hye-ri gave him delicious muffins, when he went to her house. Continue your recaps, I’ll wait it every day!

How about your own dignity!?