D Wish someone would sub it soon. We Are Gagmen Dramas, Sitcoms: I’m really interested to know what would happen to the characters. Raven August 28, at Then, after a year she saw him in t. Of the good kind. I really want this mini-series to be turned into a full-blown 16 or episode kdrama! Is anyone subbing this?

Thanks again for recapping! More brains, but somehow not more smarts. Episodes by odilettante. Theatre and Film Other: Anyway, thank you for the recap: This, of course, is all imagined.

Kim Sun Woong

Korean, Spanish, and English. Every Gaksital episode dun me exhausted emotionally and mentally my heart hasn’t even healed yet because of episode 6 and 7. February 4, at 3: Nicknamed the Devil Assistant. Ha, are we setting up for a Shakespeare In Love merry-go-round where the participants get swapped in and out, leaving our OTP?


The manager-hyung freaks out when Hyun-woo walks in and tries to stuff his head into a plastic bag. Social Physical Education Other: Information and Communication Technology dropped out Other: The match had to be stopped halfway in the second round due to severe nose bleeding tw blood.

I just hope it was longer that 3 episodes. Information and Communication – Taereung High School. That should’ve been why he didn’t stick to Gag Concert.

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Admit it, Geu Rim has a bright and charming personality. The Greatest Love guest Education: Which is fine, because I know the limitations of its format. I have seen her in several places and I cant wait boj her to get older and take leads in longer and more in depth series. It is obvious that he is trying a bit of this and that, even needing to graduate from three different universities.


Thanks for the clarification though. Geu-rim gaining popularity for her singing, becoming a star herself.

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Newer Post Older Post Home. That night Hyun-woo slips out of his dorm room, this time in Irene disguise. Anyway Girls, anyone know how can i download the song somewhere over the rainbow that Kim Soo Hyun sang in this drama?

Gom August 29, at Your email address will not be published. Irene is missing from class the next day, so Geu-rim goes looking for her at her management company. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna.

Like, Tae-joon starting to crush on Geu-rim and becoming a rival to Hyun-woo. Why is this silly teen love triangle so heartwarming? The Idiot Trios of both stars are, well, idiots.

After he performs, he asks for a patient to sing for him and a little girl volunteers Geu-rim, outing her as a huge fan. Anyway, thank you for the recap: I think it’s the pouty lips.

Aw Hyun-woo, you big softie. Is anyone subbing this? Episodes by odilettante. Realizing the implications, they both immediately head back to school. Thanks for the recap, Javabeans! Other comedians often joke about their relationship on TV shows. They dated for 6 years before getting married. D Wish someone would sub it soon.


Gaksital is going to be a dark dark trip when I binge watch the last 6 eps I love all of the characters! I get so engrossed into, the time flies and when it nears the end, I am truly disappointed.

Also because the Charlie Chaplin died on the same day Joon Ho was born, though difference of a few years. Hyun-woo figures the upside of being outed is that he can walk around as himself in the dorm room, and the sight of him with shower-damp hair and in his undershirt has Geu-rim slapping her hands over her eyes in modesty. Hye-ri realizes she dropped her trendy new bracelets while fixing up that laxative-laced drink, and she heads back to the building to search for it.

TaeJung falling in love with GeuRim. I’m liking this series and can’t wait for Th: Sure enough, the dosed drink gives him a violent case of diarrhea and renders him unable to dance.

Tooniverse, please, please, please, can you plleeeeaaasssee work this minidrama into a full series? Theatre – Whimoon High School Other: