Not a lot is revealed about Nai Nai so far except her one night stand with Dou Zi early on. Liang Yan is beautiful, intelligent, kind, quiet and is also good at playing the piano. There are probably six main characters, although I can think of another two or three people who also have decent screentime. Not wanting to let her get away, he follows her all the way to the “Spring Breeze” inn where he takes up residency and later becomes the chef when Gigi discovers his talent for cooking. Yao Yang, who is the first to fall in love with Ya Ting, plans to pretend to be the father of her unborn child, but his idea is announced first to Gigi by Qi Tian. In the Name of Love Girl’s Power. War Family The Ultimate Ranger.

However, just when he started to take things further, Lisa stopped him. Taiwanese drama television series Sanlih E-Television shows Taiwan Television shows Taiwanese television series debuts Taiwanese television series endings Taiwanese romantic comedy television series. Happy Days promo poster. Aries Leo Pisces Aquarius Capricorn. Back in her hometown she encounters three men that she had recently cross path with that has also just arrived from the big city, but trouble ensues when each of these men falls in love with her and wants to be the father of her unborn child. Marry Me, or Not? Views Read Edit View history. He meets Ya Ting at the local market while trying to get away from police and falls in love with her at first sight.

She was rushed to the hospital immediately. Love Together Rookies’ Diary. Love, Now A Hint of You. As the Bell Rings Garden of Life. With the two pretending to be a married couple, each day they begin to fall more in love with each other, but both with their stubborn personalities refuse to admit their feelings to one another. Taiwanese drama television series s in Taiwanese television Taiwanese television-related lists.


I just love how spunky this girl is. Episode 1 was re-broadcast a week after the drama began airing on March 8, due to the World Baseball Classic games airing at the same time.

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Bored at home, he is excited when he receives a phone call from Gigi who sounds like a promising client. Maybe the first season PMAM03 — the timeframe of 5 hours is too short lol. Would Guan Jun accept her love for him? After deciding that she will keep her baby and raise it on her own, she quits her job as a hotel customer representative at a fancy hotel in Taipei in order to move back to her hometown of Kentinga seaside vacationing town, to live with her mother Gigi Grace Ko pmak owns and manages a run down vacationing inn call “Spring Breeze”.

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Chris WangHsu Wei-ning. I mean, Dou Zi is not a good looking guy either and for him to run away screaming after seeing he slept with Nai Nai? Love Forward Miss Rose. Republic of China Taiwan. Views Read Edit View history. This dgama was last edited on 13 Februaryat Love Cuisine Back to Swimming Battle.

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Of course he freaked out and ran the other way the next morning and the next time they saw each other. On the relationship front at a Bachelor party for his friend Castt in Kenting, he got so drunk he slept with Nai Nai — a girl all the guys think has a hot body but not so good looking face. I Love You So Much. When the three men find out that Ya Ting is pregnant and unwed, they think of a plan to help her since she is afraid of letting her mother Gigi know because Gigi was also an unwed mother and made her daughter Ya Ting promised not to follow the same path as her.


Archived copy as title link. Love Around episodes thoughts June 23, My Teacher Is Xiao-he. Stand By Me Family Time. Daily KO One Return. Boysitter Youth Power Taste of Love.

Daily All in Peony In Bloom. Angel ‘N’ Devil Moon River. Gees, look at the mirror yourself before you judge others!

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After Ya Ting talks him out of suicide he talks her out of aborting her child. Jin Da Hua, a year-old female is the daughter of a provision shop owner.

A single woman decides to quit her job and leave her big city life behind to return to her childhood home when she suddenly finds out she is pregnant with her ex-boyfriend’s child.

Da Hua hopes that one day she would be able to give her vrama kiss and also her ‘first time’ to her childhood crush, Lin Guan Jun. Sex is still a fairly taboo topic. The third guy who also gets a lot of screentime is Pi Ka Qiu sounds like Pikachu?! These people sounds so superficial, especially the guys.