Altered from f apla. Eternal is the noble Beingj who that happiness tu it gives. Thee bless, just King I the sun, and the moon’s bright beams, living God! Canvenit JEgyphu tanii ad miractda visuSf Et raram voiucrem turba saluiat ovans: One is lively, comely of stature. The evil-doers were of anger full, said that to them Guthlac, and eke to God himself, the greatest troubles had alone occasioned, since that he for pride, in the waste, the mountain occupied, 30 where a biding they, miserable apostates, might formerly, after torments, at times enjoy ;

I shall not my countenance before your multitude conceal ; I am the Liord’s minister ; I of the twelve am one whom he most faithfully, under form of man, in his mind lov’d. The word eajienbel also occun, with the signification of jubar, in the Glos- sary of Moyen-Moutier. Prince of glory I let not the accursed over us power possess ; grant us eternal joy so of thy glory, that thee may worship, Glory-King of hosts I those whom thou wfoughtest erst with thy hands. The world is agitated, cooleth love of Christ, temptations are, throughout mid-earth, many arisen, as that in days of yore God’s messengers in words said, and through prophesy all declared, as it now goeth. As the sea is calm, when wind excites it not, so are people in concord, when they have settled differences, SS. Kritik for August

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Much hath the Lord created 30 of that which was of old, bade it thereafter so forth to be. Grimm reprinted at Cassel, inthe two most important pieces contained in it, with valuable an- notations, under the above-mentioned title. Bless thee thy priests, just King!

T bypa copn ppeca’S. Tbence episoce all the multitude of foes ; nor was tbe respite great, tbat tbey to Gutblac purpos’d to give. Creator of all be- thou art Father almighty, in the realm on high. I hasten forth, brought from a tree, bound by craft, borne on a wain.

He ma not sin to perpetrate, thoughtless man! The sixth leap was, the Holy’s joyous solace, when he to heaven ascended, into his ancient home ; then did the host of angels, at that holy tide, with laughter blithe, 10 with joys become ; they saw the glorious Majesty, the Chief of princes, his country visit, his brighter dwellings.

One here on earth is solicitous for possession of worldly treasures. I in the Lord my spirit fix, eipsode over every power swayeth through ages, Prince of glory, of every triumph ; He is the true King.

One may for weapons’ clash. I may not say, though I sit a summer-long day, all the miseries, which I first and last 10 have in fraud perpetrated, since that first was the firmament uprear’d, and the stars’ course, earth establish ‘d, and the first men, Adam and Eve, from whom I life cxpel’d, and them incited, that they love of the Lord, 20 eternal happiness, forsook, bright domestic happiness, so that to them both was misery for ever, and to their offspring also: That of foretokens shall be greatest Much has to consider the sagacious man what this thing is.


I that pain for thee humbly all suffered, mockery and reproach.

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Say what I am call’d. They him then raised into the high air, 10 gave him might above the race of men, that he before his eyes all might behold under holy guardians’ power: A public domain book is eoisode that was never subject to copyright or whose legal pipenaa term has expired. Curiously adom’d, it has on its neck when it its treasure guards, with bearing-rings accoutred its brethren, 90 male with female.

When I thee so fair had shapen, so beauteous made, and to thee weal had given, that thou mightest rule o’er the world’s creatures, then I thee on the fair earth set, to ma, Paradise’s bright blooming riches, with colours shining: Days are pass’d away, all the pomps of earth’s kingdom ; kings are not now, nor emperors, nor gold-givers, such as were of yore, when they most among themselves glories performed, and in most lordly edge-bate.

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T Jnif foiShce- ]? To them shall reward be given.

These lines are in the MS. The dust stank to heaven, dew fell on earth, night departed forth: One shall unbind frost’s fetters, the much mighty God winter shall cast forth, fair weather again shall come, summer with burning sky.

I have always heard when heaven’s gem, men’s joyous candle, westward declin’d, the heaven-bright sun, hast’ning to setting. I shall not my countenance before your multitude conceal ; I am the Liord’s minister ; I of the twelve am one whom he most faithfully, under form of man, in his mind lov’d.

Faebep ejzt hif jiinii. Would it could be retrieved at the sa- crifice of the first pages, or, that the hand of the de- stroyer had inflicted the whole work of destruction on the beginning only of the manuscript!

Thei’e is one almighty Gh d, who mak easily shield me, he will protect my life. Vertices qtus totum despicit una nemus: Then they a sharp crown around my head, hard, bent, with reproaches press’d it, it of thorns was wrought.


The line alliterating with hpeajijrum cpsbon is wanting, though the sense seems unimpaired. Apparently acoiitraction of jejpejijrcype, for the sake of rhythm and alliteration, Then was many a tree 20 with bloody tears suifus’d under the heavens ; red and thick their sap was turn’d to gore: The verb here seems wanting.

Death prevail’d o’er earth’s inhabitants, though many were holy spirits, 90 where they God’s will, in the various abodes of men, from place to place journeying executed ; some before, some after, some in the memory according to reckoning of our times, sought a glorious reward, so To us books say how Guthlac became, through God’s will, blessed in England: Pelanb him be pupman.

There the champion overcame divers perils, by his bold words many, God’s martyr,- we therefore Outhlac’s precious lot to the Lord ascribe ; He him victory gave, and wisdom’s craft, protection of his powers. That is a joyless bouse, there not any may other loosen from the cold bonds: Re- garding the opinion of Mr.

One is dear to the worldly-potent man. Of courses I ever sought the best, — such was the household band of Earmanric.

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Of these was Hwala a while the best, ppena Alexandreas of all most powerful of the race of men, and he most prosper’d, of those which I on earth have heard of. Never hath the Creator greater fame, than when he towards the sons of men worketh with benefits.

Came then with trembling soul to where the damsel was, the noble kinswoman. Then comes into light to men this at that hour of disclosure fair and joyful, bird’s betokening ; when power all shall raise up ill the sepulchres, the bones gather, limbs, body together, and the flame’s guest, before Christ’s knee, the King with majesty, from his throne, to the holy shall appear a beauteous gem of glory; well shall it be for those who may, at that sad time, to God be pleasing.

Here a leaf of the MS. Kritik for Pioena I was in a vessel, and of my progeny more. I bade you, that ye my brethren, in the world’s realm well should cherish ; [you from the possessions, that I to 9.