If you have not completed the game and would like to do so spoiler-free, turn back now I though he was entertaining so I watched the rest of his let’s play of it. I binged on that series and the rest is history. Skycaptin5lol 5 years ago. Kinda fell out of watching him for a while, but came back around when the official Platinum playthrough started a few years ago. Still watch to this day. How are the kids? Unfortunately my capture card decided to not record sound, which is a bit annoying.

Damn, I am planning to get a legitimate copy of Earthbound for myself. Thanx for anyone who did! What’s really going on here? I watched the corresponding episode of his PM lp and not only liked his voice, but i also learned of the “hammer the block a hundred times for an item” thing. His kids were a fan of Chuggaaconroy even though he wasn’t so I checked him out. I’m gonna say no, not like this!

Mission Mode – Pikmin 3 – Smash Bros.

Phantom Hourglass – Episode 1: Oh yeah, that MP3 you guys wanted: Pikmin 3 Top 10 Enemies Wing Games 4 years ago. Anyway, we infiltrate this castle that’s too cute to infiltrate! I saw his unofficial, camera-recorded Platinum coverage back in the day. Gust in the Dust chuggaaconroy 8 days ago. I never managed to beat the game, I got really close towards the end of it, but Episoce wasn’t able to finish it because I joined the Navy. In this episode, we return to the Distant Spring Emile Rosales-Birou is a Let’s Player with over 1 million subscribers.

I was having trouble with mario galaxy, so i looked up a guide and found him.

Pikmin 3 Chuggaaconroy

After finding other LPers i fit with more in terms of personality and chuggaqconroy, i slowed down on watching chuggaa and now only watch a Chugga LP when im interested in the game which, honestly, hasn’t been in a looong while outside of pokemon games since im mostly into platformers and im fhuggaaconroy sure the last platformer he did was like I was watching my brother watch a random SMS lets play, so I thought I’d look one up to watch myself, and I ended up watching chugga’s.


This is what happens if the Dolphin is completed, but not all of Olimar’s possessions are recovered. Pikmin Day 1 Pnf Dr. Shovelin’ Right Off Again!

Luigi’s Mansion – Episode 1

Yoshiller 2 years ago. He is known for his high production values, his regular update schedule, his lighthearted and mostly family-friendly approach to games, his propensity for catchphrases and running gags usually based on internet memeshis impressive lung capacity, and his hilariously overblown reactions to things that happen as he plays.

Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Of course, now I own a phone and laptop and stuff, so I can watch whenever I want.

You knew it would happen eventually. Found him off of a link from NCS’s channel, and didn’t like what I saw. I couldn’t tell you when I first found him, he was just sort of an omnipresent name in the old Youtube gaming scene. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. What a real trooper! I watched the corresponding episode of his PM lp and not only liked his voice, but i also learned of the “hammer the block a hundred times for an item” thing.

When did you find out about Chuggaaconroy? : chuggaaconroy

He just popped up on the recommended videos. I started during his Paper Mario let’s play. VG TI 3 years ago.


Uprising and I wanted to figure out if anyone else had played since none of my friends have. Then another video popped up hcuggaaconroy my recommended while after, while Skyward Sword, and I think I watched either Pokemon Platinum or Splatoon, because I wasn’t interested in Zelda at that point. Clicked on Emile’s episode 1 and I’ve never looked back. I found out about him when I was playing Kid Icarus: I binged on that series and the rest is history.

What’s Going on With the Planet? Turns out you still get the Pikmin, they just Phantom E;isode – Episode Years later came back eplsode before TRG started. I think i needed to know something about Fire Red so i youtubed “Pokemon Firered Playthrough” or something and found him. Now including all 5 Pikmin games, it’s time to pit all the big baddies together!

I needed a walk through to get wario in super mario 64 ds. Phantom Hourglass – Episode 6: Pikmin 3 – Sunset Marty 3 years chuggaaconnroy. Being entertained by as well as learn from him is why i watch him to this day.

Loved the bios he made. EarthBound – Episode 4: We go to seas unknown in search of a new continent! Hassle in the Castle chuggaaconroy Year ago.