See it if u love Shakespeare and want to see this play which is so rarely given here in NYC. Is this a shill, attack or incomplete review? He looks nice, but is so bland that it is hard to stay with him for the required 2 hours and 45 minutes Leontes, King of Sicilia, suddenly accuses Hermione, his Queen, of infidelity with Polixines, his childhood friend and the King of Bohemia. Don’t see it if Shakespeare isn’t your thing and you don’t want to see such a long version of it. Don’t see it if You don’t like convoluted plots, some poor acting and the fact that Shakespeare may have only written one-third of the play. Don’t see it if You are not a shakespeare fan. February 25th, “Nunn has thrown everything he knows how to do, circa , at the text

If you like your Shakespeare to include original music. See it if You like inventive spectacle, gorgeous costumes, well spoken text in rarely staged Shakespeare. He is a frequent collaborator with Chicago’s Steppenwolf Theatre. But his physical production is rollicking…At times, though, the acting is more of a mixed bag. Live music, composed by Irish artist Shaun Davey helps convey the mystery and magic of this story. You prefer a more traditional approach. The entire ensemble performs in much the same vein Student matinee performances of the production are supported in part by Shakespeare in American Communities:

See it if you’re a fan of extravagant fairy tales. February 25th, “The production, largely well acted and vividly staged, opens with pericoes thunderclap, an apt harbinger of the stormy tale to unfold. Like Hermione and Leontes at the end of the play, Shakespeare’s son died fifteen years prior to writing The Winter’s Tale.


TFANA’s Season: PERICLES, Directed by Trevor Nunn

You must pay attention. Compelling characterizations by all the principal players and eye-poppingly gorgeous design make everything not only clear but kind of addictive Against all odds, the play is finally quite moving; the famed ‘recognition scene’ between Pericles and his daughter, Marina, brought tears to my eyes. Standard Thai fare, but extremely affordable,and delicious every time.

Housed inside the building are the Samuel H. February 26th, “[Director Nunn] certainly makes no case here for the show’s potential and indeed this production in particular gets worse as it goes along Gorgeous production and music. Don’t see it if You simply can’t wrap your head around Shakespeare even if it’s superbly done.

See it if You’re a Shakespeare fan, anxious to see a rarely performed play get a good looking, dynamic production; you’re a Trevor Nunn fan. Productions of ‘Pericles’ are rare enough; productions this confidently executed are as rare as unicorns. Spring and summer follow winter, comedy follows tragedy; there’s song, saytr dances, a con artist, marriage, royal succession and then tfnaa miracle: From 24 critic and 64 member reviews. Spectacle enchanting masterful great staging.

Under the surface of this vibrant carousel is evidence of a highly skilled technique master. Photo by Gerry Goodstein.

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March 5th, “There is enough depth to lower an anchor and contemplate the sudden twists and turns of our own fragile fate See it if you enjoy an enchanting story of love loss and redemption all played out on the high seas, shipwrecked islands, a brotheland Diana’s tem. The castalso features Oberon K. Classic, Intense, Interesting costumes, Great acting, Entertaining. Rogers is a graduate of the Yale School of Drama. April 5th, See it if you love costumes or live music.


February 25th, “Taking his cue from the text, Nunn infuses the picaresque proceedings with generous amounts of song and dance, making an already long evening feel even longer February 29th, “In the hands of one of the most renowned theatre directors, this production is far from typical Wish List Wish List.

Intelligent, Great acting, Absorbing. For all the furious activity onstage, the overall effect is curiously lifeless, due to both the diffuseness and unevenness of the material This feels like a Shakespearean Joseph The play takes on the feeling of an adventure series, each episode ending as a cliffhanger.

Trevor Nunn

So what happens when an A-list director meets a D-list Shakespeare play? To counteract the story bloat, his production is sleek and spare — less can be more. I suspect that only other completists will enjoy seeing what he’s done with this one. Ffana, King of Sicilia, suddenly accuses Hermione, his Queen, of infidelity with Polixines, his childhood friend and the King of Bohemia.