As long as you remember her, you are not alone. Where did the main character get that sword? They don’t mention the concept of “fear” for youkai. Even for a series as fond of recap episodes as Nurarihyon , ending on one is pretty darn lame. Some of that is straight from the manga, no doubt, but a lot of it probably comes from the director shift from Nishimura Junji to Fukuda Michio. Tsurara is still pure win here. As to whether the anime will continue from here, I suppose like always it depends on commercial factors more than creative ones. His human form sometimes inherits powers for brief times.

I thought Tsurara would be more powerful than that As always i am hoping she sees him fighting Gyuki as a human , but the chances of that happening 7 episodes in is slim. Yurara said she’s going, too to ensure Rikuo’s safety when Rikuo said he’s going to ensure everyone’s safety. Second season, please, that is the best arc ever. That leaves Yura and Kana, seemingly, and while Kana was a favorite of Nishimura-sensei, Yura seems to make more sense within the story itself. I don’t really check the forums anymore, so if you want something, take it on my profile. Too much screentime is wasted on Kana. Awesome Sig by Lailide.

She’s not important at all! And Tsurara almost died there And was he so good at fighting?

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I hope he fights as a human, but only time will tell. As for those interested in what the next arc is like, here is some non-spoilerific tease: Nishimura seemed to slant the story quite a bit in the school-life direction, focusing especially heavily on the Kiyo Cross squad and Kana. He yokai power have been awaked, does that say something? Was about to see this episode. Im glad he doesnt like Tsurara xD Quoted for truth. When did Rikuo get so eplsode Rikou finally seems to show some guts. Other girls stayed behind and fortunately Yura is inside, too.


Rikuo is a G, he doesnt need bodyguards I hope Rikuo gets him good!

The ending itself was a bit of a letdown, frankly, in that the actual battle with Nue ended in a draw and the resolution was kicked down the curb until some indefinite future maggo when Nue rouses himself from Hell again. Kana should really mind her own business. This season was a definite improvement over the first one, with much brisker pacing and a more compelling overall storyline. Nurarihhon 2 Kimi no Na wa.

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This is getting more interesting! I guess he already took that with him or did he summon the sword or something dunno.

They don’t mention the concept of “fear” for youkai, and Kana is made to look like some random girl who’s just episove an interest in Rikuo. That’s where it was developed to the point where the manga really got a lot better. Good thing that wimpy Day Rikuo didn’t last for more then 4 episodes: For now, I’ll just say that being the Grandson of Nurarihyon, wouldn’t you at least expect basic sword knowledge? Frankly, the tone of the series was so different as to be almost recognizable at times.

Perfect mixture of comedy and suspense. Nurarihyon no Mago Episode 6 Discussion. Even thought he is in that form he still have the power of yokai. Awesome Sig anijeultima Lailide. Its a late night anime we can have some fanservice xD.


The plot was complex and well-constructed, with the mysteries kept pretty close to the vest for most of the season. Not really, but it’s a great pic: Leave a Comment Cancel Reply. Im glad he doesnt like Tsurara xD. Was really expecting her znimeultima not be that fragile O. Some of that is straight from the manga, no doubt, but a lot of it probably comes mafo the director shift from Nishimura Junji to Fukuda Michio.

Well, if there is to be S3, it will probably be announced soon. Was his human form that anjmeultima BBCode Modified by llamaben, Aug 11, 8: As long as you remember her, you are not alone. Yes, I’m blatantly advertising, but that’s what makes it fun.

AnimeGegege no KitarouReviews. I agree that i like Kana a little bit but she just looks like an annoying side character at this point. Dpisode someone post a picture of Shima’s imagination of Tsurara in the onsen.

animeulrima Iso want Rikuo to fight in the next episode as he is now not needing to transform!! But damn the Funiguys. Rikuo character development time, yay! Although you could tell Studio Deen is cutting corners with the animation here and there, this show is getting better in terms of story. Wht would have happened if he didnt like her???