The possibility of a common source of both the authors, as proposed by the editor, is also not improbable. Hence, their prices are not only very high but spurious substitutes for them, are also largely sold in the market. Asthi sarhhara is useful in asthi bhagna fracture of bone. Padmaka cures kustha obstinate skin diseases including leprosy , visphofa pustular eruption , jvara fever , daha burn- ing syndrome and vrana ulcer. Paribhadra cures aggravated vayu and kapha, sotha oedema , meha obstinate urinary diseases including diabetes and krmi parasitic infection. This Vahatacarya seems to be different from Vagbhata, the author of Astanga hrdaya and Astanga sarhgraha. Its root is said to contain a large quantity of an exhilarating sweet juice.

Trikanfaka is aphrodisiac, strength promoter and alleviator of vayu. They are heavy, ununctuous, bitter, sweet and exceedingly cooling. According to the sage Parasara; these varieties of kutaja should be determined from the characteristics of their fruits and flowers. It helps in the healing of fracture. Like other medical systems it has, of course, its limitations. It is heavy, sweet, cooling, aphro- disiac and promoter of eyesight, voice and complexion.

The remaining three texts are not available in their complete form.

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Trikanfaka is aphrodisiac, strength promoter and alleviator of vayu. Twigs must be of the first year’s growth and roots, leaves and bark should be collected in the cold, hot and lainy seasons respecti- vely.

But the aim of the ayurvedic vafti of this disease is different May be, some ayurvedic drugs used against this disease have this antispasmodic effect which can be demonstrated even in animals under experiment. It does not aggravate pitta. The new drugs which were specially used in those places were incorporated into the ayurvedic phar- macopoeia.


It dries up the nose. Different Types of Manda Manda [1]; laja manda [], dhanya manda [], vatya manda [], rakta sail manda [6], astaguna manda [], miscel- laneous [].

The classification of drugs, food and drinks in these texts, vary from each movvie. Thus, when the disease is cured, the individual gets many, side bene- fits It is because of this that all ayurvedic medicines are tonics. Snigdha unctuous things aggravate kapha and alleviate vata. malatl

But there are some, which elude proper identification because of the following reasons: Their locations and func- tions are described in detail in ayurvedic classics.

Ayurveda Saukhyam of Todardnanda 21 ruksa ununctuousmadhura sweetmifdu recana laxativevatakrt aggravator of vatakatu pdka pungent in vipdka and astringent in taste.

Annual plants should be collected before the ripening of seeds, biennials during spring and perennials during autumn.

To compensate this loss, and to alleviate the sufferings of ailing hu- manity, more drugs were added during this period to ayurvedic materia medica. Trikanfaka Tribulus terrestris Linn. Jayapala is heavy, unctuous and purgative.

It promotes eye sight. It is also useful for complexion, hair, sense organ and ojas.

It cures svdsa asthma and kdsa bronchitis. Nepaali There are two varieties nepalu medd. The verses of the Bhava Prakasa found in the Ayurveda Saukhya lead us to think that either these verses are later interpolations particularly if they are not found in majority of the MSS. It promotes intellect, longevity and memory. Ayurvedic medicines, on the other hand, while conditioning the tissues of the body against the organisms, nourish and rejuvenate them.

This video and mp3 song of Sauni ko bhatti pasal is published by Narayan Ayush on 08 May For patients suffering from mzlati feverhrdroga heart diseasevdtdsrk gout and uddvarta upward movement of wind in abdomenrdjavrksa is extremely wholesome.


None the less, these rational explanations are always kept in view before deciding upon the therapeutic effect of a drug. It promotes strength and does not aggravate pitta.

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Khar a rough Thus, the loss by discarding the practice of surgery was well compensated by the addition of iatro-chemistry to the materia medica of ayurveda during this period. However, prthvi mahabhuta predominates in muscle and fat tissues; Jala mahabhuta predominates in lymph, chyle and other fluid tissue elements; the hemoglobin fraction of the blood is primarily composed of tejas mahabhuta’, bones are composed of vdyu mahabhuta and the pores inside the body are dominated by akasa mahabhuta.

This video and mp3 song of Atish lama live interview in tv show is published by atish lama on 17 Aug It cures raktapitta a disease characterised by bleeding from different parts of the body and prameha obstinate urinary disorders including diabetes.

Xxxvi Materia Medico, These texts on the materia medica of ayurveda were composed prior to the composition of Ayurveda Saukhyam of Todarananda. It is pungent in vipdka and appetiser. If You are unable to download Bhatiko sauni songplease contact us.

If this is 46 Materia Medica given for inhalation nasydthen it cures pain in the arm. Pitta Tejas mahabhuta 3.