Lauren says that he could live nearby: Oh, and I’ve seen it firsthand. Edit Cast Episode cast overview, first billed only: Tom Oliver Belinda Bell: Fitzgerald Motors Aaron asks Tyler what profit – boosting plans he has for the garage. Piper’s almost crying now, and takes off the headphones in anger. Piper’s just totally dumped me in it.

Sonya says that maybe a break is for the best. Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title? No 22 Josh gets Brad’s text, which makes him feel even worse. However, Rochelle says he’d be lucky to have someone like Sheila, and she slaps him and leave. Piper’s just totally dumped me in it. Power Street In the garage, Piper is editing the footage from the ad they’ve filmed, and watching Tyler and Aaron through the window, who are eating outside Grease Monkeys.

Ramsay Street Daniel asks Paul if he was talking to Dimato about the gazebo business. We overcharge all the time, and I don’t even know what I’m doing! Unfortunately you’ve made your bed; you’re gonna have to lie in it. Concluding Imogen’s advice isn’t going to be of much assistance, Piper leaves, saying she needs to work it out for herself. Well, I was trying to avoid hiring unnecessary staff!

But he’s also lost quite a bit recently. Dial a Kyle Amy asks Paul whether they should get Daniel involved. Brad gets all sulky neighboura the prospect of Matilda growing up without a dad, but Amber says Josh will still be involved. But Sonya points out their history together, and how they were going to get married.


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Brad suggests Josh wait a couple of months, then go up to Brisbane to fix things. You said it yourself. Sonya agrees, but doesn’t seem too reassured. I miss screens, Tyler. Lauren is struggling with the prospect of saying goodbye to Amber, but Lou says that Lauren coming to Brisbane to help Amber set things up will help them both adjust. Piper’s almost crying now, and takes off the headphones in anger.

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Steph says she still loves Belinda but she broke her trust. It depends what it looks like. She says she does. We both know that this is the right thing to do. Can Oscars Avoid a Hostless Disaster? Piper’s just totally dumped me in it. But you are, and as handsome as ever! Daniel says he was trying to make Paul face the consequences of his actions, and show him the “real” Paul.

Amy is delighted to have him on board. Karl counsels him that it is early days, and it’s going to mean a lot of physio. She says she’d like him to accompany her and Matilda.


Because of your feelings for Amber? Lauren Turner Jenna Rosenow They see Belinda at the nurses’ station, and Steph says Belinda has her disciplinary hearing.

Imogen suggests talking to them, but Piper rejects this on the spot, instead giving Imogen the analogy to work with of a ruthless corporation dumping toxic waste in her backyard. Enjoy a night in with these popular movies available to stream now with Prime Video.

Oh please, I’m not an idiot.

Sonya arrives, and Toadie comments that Sonya knows how to mend broken hearts. Tom Oliver Taxi Driver: It’s just so hard, Dad. Karl wishes him luck and leaves. Amy says it’s a family business and Daniel is at a loose end. I’ve always fancied myself as a bit of a Mark Anthony. What do you mean, you guess?

Toadie Rebecchi Kip Gamblin Josh Willis Tim Phillipps Sonya agrees that she just needs to forget Belinda ever said anything. I’m incredibly proud of you, for getting this opportunity, and for taking it by the horns and going for it.