This appears to be a common problem and one that was addressed in later production runs. Jan 31, Messages: Just performing general tasks with the eFECT tools, the construction feels solid and there is little flex even with heavy pressure applied. No, create an account now. One of these missing features was a more useful blade with a robust lock. The excess burns off. Sometimes though a side-by-side is a good way to go.

All the MP1-AR tools are lockable and release with the sliding tabs. If one tool is slightly folded out, another will not lock in place. Everyone loved the shape of the bronze carbon scraper. Equal in importance with the pliers is the knife. Some of these multis are safe queens, others have seen heavy use, and a few have been badly abused. Of course Gerber may have not intended the eFECT as a competitor to the other tools, just as a self-contained tool kit and at least in that respect it is pretty good. On the Series 2 tools, they were quite far apart and it was somewhat hard to grip with much leverage.

You can feel it as soon as you get it in your hand. The plier heads have the usual wire cutter blade and a useful wire stripper for smaller gauge wires.

3 of the Best Weapon Multi-Tools – which one is right for you?

The knives I sell here have been carefully sourced from China. The Gerber carries a carbon scraper and a carbon pick that can be unscrewed and replaced. Not a big feature for me but could be for you. Multitasker Series 3 Pliers. The Multitasker has the biggest blade at 3 inches 7. One of the first guys to use the tool was a Chief corpsman that used the shroud cutter to expose a wounded Marines’s leg after an IED strike.

The pliers feel the most comfortable in the hand of these 3. For day-to-day maintenance, any one of the tools will perform well. The lock is fairly robust liner lock that looks like it will hold up to most utility tasks.


Both deployed by a thumb cutout and locked by an internal locking mechanism. Aaron Cowan is a patched Minion and an idiot savant of the tactical variety from a little place we like to call Hotlanta though apparently no one from down there actually calls it that. There are two other double-ended bits carried on board. If you want the most weapon-specific tools and you can stomach the price, then the Multitasker is for you.

Sign up for the Early Bird Brief. It’s one of the toughest steels out there. The Gerber is the only pliers that are spring loaded.


It has a good selection of weapon-specific tools with threaded swappable tools and a great magnetic bit driver arm. Both the Multitasker and the MUT are no lightweight multi-tools, in fact, they are some of the heaviest on the market.

It seems hard to fathom, but with all the multitools in the hands of service members, no one designed one specifically for the rifleman. It comes standard with the sight adjustment tool inserted but of course, you can use any of the 8 bits that come with the Multitasker.

The 12 piece bit kit adds Torx, hex, Phillips, front sight adjustment tool and trigger assembly pin punch. Instead of a combo blade to handle straight and serrated knife duties, the Gerber MP1-AR has two separate knives.

I have 3 of them by the way. These three are all plier based multi-tools.

Be sfries first to hear about breaking news, as it happens. The brass carbon scraper looks sturdy but there a couple of reports of people snapping them and leaving a residue when using it. When it comes to closed length, the Leatherman MUT is the longest of this group by more than half an inch — 5 inches The bolt hook on the MUT was handy at times, but again the MT is able to do that without any problem. A multitool is a field expedient toolbox that sits on your serise, in your pocket or in your kit.

You’ll notice there’s no jaw cutout for leagherman bolt heads on the MTs2. Do the same thing on the other side of the handle to shake out the bit.


All the MP1-AR tools are lockable and release with the sliding tabs. This was a calculated decision to retain uncompromised jaw strength.

But, looking closely at each brings an obvious distinction. The MP1 has too much flex in its body. The MUT is made of stainless steel HC and CM and is very well constructed; the plier heads are wide with needle nose and a jaw plier contour, wire cutters included of course. The Multitasker is nearly overbuilt. The pliers are thick in the hand but I could get almost no flex out of them.

All the tools lock into place, useful obviously.

3 of the Best Weapon Multi-Tools – which one is right for you? | Pocket Multi Tools

multitadker Mar 2, Messages: I thought Tufftride might have been BS. The MP1-AR pliers are needle nose like the other three nd the head is the smallest in length, width and thickness. This appears to be a common problem and one that was vx in later production runs. But, it’s got some serious field utility built in. Are you a current member with account or password issues?

Since then there have been multitaskwr refinements to the concept and a few front-runners in quality tool design. The Series 3 is improved in this regard, and while the change is subtle, the ergonomics are noticeably improved.

I think it depends on what use you want to put your multi-tool to and in this case, I think it suits the MUT. Defense News Weekly full episode: Maybe they can handle both? Not that hard once you work it out.