Kabir decides to talk with Raghav. Kabir plans to escape Navya’s responsibility by calling her mother to Mumbai and peps himself up for his first day on the job. Nandini informs Dhruv about Manik’s condition. Rishabh has an attack once again. Kyys3 coming soon wohhhooooo Manan fans Pani fans. Kabir shares his feelings with Navya. Dhruv explains about Rishabh’s condition.

Kabir and Navya are unclear in the midst of their mothers’ expectations. Alya talks to Dhruv about her emotions. Soha tracks down Manik from Kabir’s phone. Manik reaches the hospital. Parth ka hand is on Niti’s shoulder and Niti is Holding his hands which he has kept on her shoulders.. Dhruv insults Nandini in front of everyone. Navya is thinking of ways to advance her relation with Harshad.

Harshad stops Mukti from contacting Dhruv at the bar. Unable to load more. Watch every Sunday Kyys3 only on Mtv. Mystery deepens when Mukti sees Abhimanyu alive but soon learns from Abhimanyu’s father the grave truth that’ll haunt her yaariqan a long time. Manik blackmails Nyonika into helping him. Manik feels betrayed as Dhruv and Alya had kept a huge secret from him.


To shut them up, Kabir declares marrying Navya. Nandini’s grandma witnesses all that.

Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan – Episode

Instead they lock her up in a garbage bin episoxe a revenge for saving Shahid. Pls don’t break ur hearts. Post has shared content. Meanwhile, at the college, Manik Malhotra fumes at Nandini Murthy when she stops him from humiliating her college friend.

Manik is shocked to know the truth about Kabir which he had kept secret until now. Navya comes to know about the disqualification. Dhruv’s outburst shatters Manik but Nandini yaxriaan rock steady by him.

Nyonika asks the driver about Nandini. Manik tells Nandini, Mr.

Good morningg parthians and manan lovers Look who liked niti’s posttt!! Nandini tries to find out the mystery behind the star’s drawing. Nandini makes a deal with Aryaman for proving Epislde innocent.

With MTV Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan (2014) (Sorted by Title Ascending)

Nandini resolves to forget the past to return to her daily routine and college. The FAB5 have a jam session together. Disconcerted by the speed at which things are moving between her and Manik, Nandani requests that they slow Kabir’s mother comes to meet yaariaan at the college. Two unusual souls, Kabir and Navya, find friends in each other on the eve of Valentine’s Day. Abhimanyu quits his job as a peon in the college. Kaunse Planet se aae ho.?


Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan Season 1 – Episode 242 – Manik defends Nandini – YouTube

Meanwhile, Aryaman finds something shocking at Manik’s house. Alya asks Mukti whether Mukti will ever be able to forgive Harshad.

Maisi FAB5 take Manik’s case. Alya decides to get Manik back in her life.

Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan Season 2

It is just what a actor wants Peace eludes Kabir with his new flatmate around. Rocky and Suraj takes the bait and FAB5 films their actions.

Dhruv punches Manik in the face when he accepts this. Manik indulges in self-pity.