I hope that you find a million things on all these lists to make your life a happier or maybe just more comfortable place, too! Yay for feeling energetic and healthy. Oh, my Orthaheel Muir Vionic sandals. And my oogle boys: BeautyLabo Shake Hair Dye. I say go to any event that he is speaking at whenever you can. Heather recently posted Yellow Daisies.

I think that your list is wonderful. I can gauge the growth of my young boys by how high the dirty fingerprints are on every door in my home. I have one every few nights and my insomnia has gotten slightly less horrific. I am an ambassador of sparkly things. Their like my friends. I first read it when I was 18 and it changed the way I thought about the world. Also it has saved me TONS on tooth care. Bath and body works three wick candles.

I also have arthritis. Straight back, no lean.

This is the first product that seems to combat that. Like you I have always been a voracious reader, moviess up to 3 books a day.

My Ttastekid Sous Chef — Best best best food processor ever. I am completely, unapologetically addicted to cashew nut butter. I constantly have water with me, and can constantly feel my hands!

Niamh Brennan | TasteDive

Without those two products I would be less than half as productive taatekid I am now. Thank you, Jenny for all you do. It is more expensive than regular lotions but I buy it tastekd the case and keep it in very room in my house.

Reply Cancel reply Notice: Adrasteia recently posted We saw some excitement on the side of drrsses road. Life looks like that mass of dots to me sometimes. How To Lose a Guy In 10 Days An advice columnist, Andie Anderson Kate Hudsontries pushing the boundaries of what she can write about in her new piece about how to get a man to leave you in 10 days. Star Pizza in Houston. This is the copy I keep all pristine.


Although they are a little heavy for the head turban…. They just had their kitties adopted in the last two days, tatsekid, until a new pregnant mama is found, there will be no new kittens…Oh, here. It brought me so much closer to my nephews. Reach Total Care dental floss. And being that it was from Walmart, I figuered the amazing smell wouldnt last all too long anyway.

Chips ahoy and my happy pills. Then I got shingles on my foot…okay, tasteikd, this is not so much turning out to be my year so much…BUT…I did get a great deal on a new phone. Books, in all mvoies. For now, I wear my wedding ring on a chain around my neck like a high school senior going steady. Makes my day better every time! I LOVE this list.

Allie Brosh is fantastic, and I. And costco carries them, so they are easy to keep on hand. It makes me feel all smansy-pansy!

LUSH bath bombs and bubble bars. I cannot live without the Crack Puppy. Until you meet that one person that actually knows the value of what they are selling. Finally, I have two new things.

Niamh Brennan

My other favorite thing is Ticonderoga Beginners pencils. Just reread for the hundredth time and I still laughed out loud constantly. Just go into a Bath and Body Works and take a whiff.

It had somehow survived for fifteen years, through at least half a dozen moves, and — most incredibly — the fire that completely destroyed my home two years ago. You can sometimes get this cheaper on ThinkGeek. I travel and its awesome and drys fast so I can pack it up and go. Those horrible things that happened to you do not have to be the basis of your identity.


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Desiree Michelle recently posted 50 Shades of Desiree Even when finances are tight, I can slip on down there and find a wonderful new book to read. We hit Downtown Disney and went to the Sanuk store. When Andie and Ben meet, their plans backfire. Everyone should do this at least once a month. I seriously love string cheese. I found these lace socks gastekid Payless that are pretty much dressses only kind of socks I like, probably because dreswes are spun from moonbeams and unicorn hair.

So the kindle allowing me to make the text nice and big means I can read still. It comes in a milk shake type container, and spreads on your hair like whipped cream. Since the time they were little girls, best friends Liv Kate Hudson and Emma Anne Hathaway have been planning every tastekjd of their future weddings, including choosing the same destination: I am an avid reader, and I love having a ton of books with me at all times that I can carry in my purse.