Farhan Ali Agha finally suits the character he is playing. How about you all? Fished one out ab hopefully you wont have issues again. I just hope Aiman gets on with her too and not go all soteli on her lol.. I only serial that I have seen 3 times.. Yes, Adnan is so good as Haider and Shamim Hilali is just fabulous as always. Whats the verdict so far?

Would love to know some recommendations: LOVED your review… specially the part where u defined rich people.. Why does she always want to look like a maasi. Here SJ is marginally better as you have pointed out too but please can someone give her some makeup. So yeah, seems like she has experience and it is def showing here! Enjoyed your mazedar discussion.. Learn how your comment data is processed.

Its the same look, same hairstyle and till now same majboor girl with a low self-esteem. Shamim Hilali is another person who performs effortlessly.

Farhan Ali Agha finally suits the character he is playing. Have only seen him act in Dastaan though but have seen him enough on TV otehrwise yes, i remember the Humsafar msre So charming and decent.

Mere Humdum Mere Dost Episode 5 in HD | Pakistani Drama Online

Romaisa baji landed two hot guys but dont forget apna khurram got Kuku too lol. Big Boss Season Farhan Ali Agha and Z. Waqai always lots to learn from these dramas hehe.


Digressions aside, Mere Humdum Mere Dost is a pleasant enough watch, not a must-see as yet in my book. Aik taraf hotti hota hai tu mazloom, goongi aurat par dil atak jaata hai, ya phir doosri taraf chichora, fraud hota hai jo confident larki ko pasa leyta hai.

Mere Humdum Mere Dost

Like i know what to expect in coming episodes and how scenes will buildup. Salsa tomato September 17, at 4: Good to see new faces. So far so good. Hareem Farooq is strong in dialogue delivery. She too is carrying her role quite well.

So much that I might give his upcoming Epsode Ahista a chance. As lousy as he appears, I think he has quite a few shades to him. Draam there are changes in the serial, but still I see no need for them to give away everything. Newer Post Older Post Home.

Pehchan requires a bit more of attention but i am totally into it. Again, to make a comparison, Humsafar, Mata-e Jaan, Durr-e Shehwar, Shehr-e Zaat, all were such a delight to watch because of their aesthetic sensibility. At least his wife has some spunk…warna I am so done with mazloom auratein crying their eyes out and the drama ending before they can speak up!

SJ … yes, she is very weak, undoubtedly. FA for a moment i thought me in a triangle? True original script has always that fun. That being said, I really felt for the characters in both Mere Humdum Mere Dost and Marasim and often found myself sobbing episoed them.


She is so nice Like Like. Why else would he send an emissary in his place?

SophiaQ September 17, at 5: You are commenting using your Twitter account. Jaan Hatheli Par Episode 15 and 16 Urdu. Jaan Hatheli Par Episode 5 and 6 Urdu.

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Later, I too read the glowing comments and after some requests for a review I thought ke perhaps I had been hasty in giving up on it, so gave it another shot. As I noted in my review, the reason why I waited till 5 eps before writing was that I had tried the first ep when it aired and found it very long drawn out and very very Humsafar like. Mere Humdum Mere Dost Episode Although to give her credit I have to say Sanam Jung is marginally better here.

Its not her ego, its rather the usual and normal human behavior.