Game Info New to League? How to Malphite T His League of Legends videos were starting point for his popularity until when he quit playing LoL and making YouTube videos for it after a last straw moment from a short ban for insulting a player on his team who was deliberately getting himself killed to lose the game. Team Solo Squid 51 Gettinghigh. Still Waiting Remember Waiting , where the people who work at the resturant mess with the food and it’s super hillarious? Jackie Chan’s First Strike and Mr. Come on, Master Chief, let’s get the fuck outta here! Team Eclipse 12 Speeedstar.

Kawaii Based God Swag 39 Bite. Sonz Of Plunder 38 MrBrightside Edge of Gaming 52 SorenKurosaki. Piece of Cake 40 puch0. UncleTom uncletom’s Newgrounds Page. Kung Lao’s Hat Slice Fatality.


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Project Hidden Stingray 43 Metaknight Emoji Plays 20 Qriket. Smeared Smeared’s Newgrounds Page. It’s not that fucking crazy! The Monsignor’s 13 deadlymidget. Just Ok 19 uniformity.

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Scorpion 2 Noob-Smoke’s Shuriken Explosion. Ascent from Hell part 2 T Deadly Dragon Brothers of the Shadow.

SubZero Mouse Kills Johnny. So in this legendary strategy, you get a premade of 4 guys and then let the random defend all 3 lanes for 5 minutes! Just Call us Daddy 38 Ferine. Serenity Storms 56 Djinra. This is just a way to let that side of him flow. matwadsprite


Panda and Friends 18 Cele. Rudolph with Director’s Commentary.

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All Must End 47 Yusuke Describe this dimbus here. Thank you again meatwadsprite! I shoulda known you were frogs!

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