Meanwhile, Meghnath kills his soldiers when they try to attack Sita. Lakshman fails to find the deer. Marich apologises to Ram for his misdeed and dies. Sulochana tries to get Meghnath to realise his mistake. Hanuman tells Sugriva that he will seek help from the other kings to defeat Bali. Later, Jamvant reminds Hanuman of his powers. Tara tries to make Bali realise his mistake.

Meanwhile, Meghnath leaves, making Akshay in charge. He informs them about Sita’s whereabouts. Jatayu tells Ram that Ravan has abducted Sita. Hanuman tells Ram about seeing him in his dreams. Later, Lakshman agrees to go look for Ram. Marich apologises to Ram for his misdeed and dies. Ram orders Lakshman to guard Sita, until he returns. Ravan captures Simhika when she tries to attack Sita.

Will everything go as per Ram’s plan? Ravan promises Mandodari that he will not marry Sita. Meanwhile, Ravan is determined to marry Sita.

Devyani Betrays Priya

Meanwhile, Surpanakha creates a demon, Simhika, and orders her maryxda kill Sita. Sita is relieved and happy when Hanuman tells her about his meeting with Ram and how Ram is grief-stricken without her.

Surpanakha is delighted to see Sita in Lanka. Mandodari threatens to set herself on fire if Ravan marries Sita. Ravan threatens to kill Trijata if she fails to convince Sita to marry him.


Mandodari blames Ravan for Akshay’s death. Ram orders Lakshman to guard Sita, until he returns. Ravan kills the informer who tries to deliver Sita’s message and boasts about himself. Will Mandodari go against Ravan to protect Sita? Sugriva decides to find Sita and bring her back from Lanka. Sita learns about Brahma’s son Sanad Kumar’s curse.

Later, Sita is surprised when Hunuman meets her at Ashok Vatika and gives her Ram’s ring to gain her confidence. Sulochana eoisode Sita that she will help her in escaping Lanka and going back to Ram. Ravan decides to marry Sita. Surpanakha decides to create a more powerful weapon.

However, Sita finds out that Traijata is lying. Bali apologises to Tara and Sugriva for his mistakes. Trijata’s behaviour towards Sita changes when she learns about Ram. Akampana informs Maryara that Marich has managed to lead Ram away from the hut.

Pavitra Rishta

Sampati learns about Jatayu’s death from Hanuman and Jamvant. Surpanakha decides to seek Kumbhakaran’s help to kill Sita. Sita is worried on hearing Ram’s cries.


Can Akshay defeat Hanuman? Ram weeps, remembering Sita! Do you want to log in or join Facebook? Will he abe able to reach Lanka?

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Jatayu comes to rescue Sita but Ravan kills him. Meanwhile, Roma refuses to go with Hanuman and tells him that she is sacrificing her life for Sugriva’s love. Sita is relieved to learn that Ram knows about her whereabouts. She asks him to marry Sita. Jamuant gives Sugriva a tip to defeat Bali. Sita is elated to learn that Ram has reached Kishkindha http: Vibhishan advises Mandodari and Sulochana to send Sita back as early as possible.

Ram shoots an arrow through seven trees to prove his calibre. Bali and Sugriva get into a ferocious fight.