I keep asking myself am I really rediscovering Maroun, or am I actually rediscovering myself? I was his source of comfort. It did not take much time to fall for him. Readers are asked to limit their feedback to a maximum of characters roughly words. One Flew Over the Cuckoos. During the war he produced a great number of short documentary movies offered a record of the civil war in its various stages. Nicola Piovani Film editing:

A free man with a critical mind. It was considered the best film in the series. What was your motivation while tackling all of these difficulties? The Fondation Liban Cinema is paying tribute to late great Lebanese helmer Maroun Baghdadi with a boxed set of the entire body of work by the auteur, who worked with Francis Ford Coppola and is considered the pioneer of new Lebanese cinema. Unfortunately, I did not have it on DVD so they did not screen the film. It is like the influence of all women on all men.

It reconstructs the emergence of militant and resistance movements through the lives of individuals from different social and confessional backgrounds. Recettes de Vie 2 en Francais Book: Maroun Baghdadi’s legacy lives on as wife Souraya restores his films for a new generation to experience. Maroun was asking questions to stimulate a dialogue. After the film, she married Maroun Baghdadi.

French, English Release Date: It is both an impossible love story an account of a country on the verge of war. He died in when he was He was a free man with a critical mind. When we got married he told me that he wanted to have a family, a marokn and a mother for his children. Fairuz in America Vinyl LP Some of those prominent filmmakers and movie flims in Egypt were friends of Maroun, who used to visit Egypt many times without me.


Maroun Baghadadi

Talal, son of a feudal lordm, who reluctantly steps into the shoes of a war chief after his father. Chateau Musar, 12 Bottles Red Wine: Preserving Foods for the Lebanese P Book: Why did it take such filmz long time?

Maarifti Feek CD Fairuz: Key winners at the Oscars.

His love interest Souraya, tries to support him and helps him kidnap a businessman. Please fill baghddi this field with valid email address. It was considered the best movie in the series. Men are made of anxiety. I keep asking myself am I really rediscovering Maroun, or am I actually rediscovering myself?

Maroun Baghdadi Lebanese Director

His idea was satisfying for me since I was not that naroun about acting as my career of choice, and I wanted also to take a break from dancing after ten years of being a professional dancer. You should love your life and the people around you and not fall into isolation.

French, English ” addthis: Jerusalem in my Heart Vinyl LP Premier Logo Created with Sketch. One Flew Over the Cuckoos. Souraya Baghdadi is a Lebanese actress and choreographer who launched her dance career in with Caracalla Dance Theatre, an Internationally renowned company based in Beirut. A free man with a critical mind. Seasons of Lebanon by Jamal Saidi Book: I was very young when I lost Maroun but now I am more mature and have more experience so I understand what he was saying in his films in a different way.

Liban pays du miel et de l’encens. The re-appearance of his films gave me new chances to return to Cinema exactly as he did three decades ago when he introduced me to the cinema for the first time. To Assy CD Fairuz: Maroun was there all the time, for when you lose a beloved you create his existence in your life and you invent a space for him inside you.


Some of the potentials could be directing films, not only being an actress.

Posters of films by Maroun Baghdadi. All of the sudden I found myself again as an actress in up to five movies. I knew him and cinema at the same moment. For information contact us at: But he definitely was against the futility of mraoun. Written, produced and directed by Maroun Bagdadi Dialogues: In my opinion love comes when a person meets someone who makes a big difference in his life, and opens a new world for him.

Uncheck those which do not match your query, then add all the selected items to your cart. Beirut to the burbs by Anissa Rafeh Book: Finally, Nabil is a photojournalist posing as a hero when all he really does is use the conflict marouj trade drugs. To face the hard times you need to pull yourself out of them.

Ana ou Sehrani CD Fairuz: Didier Decoin, Elias Khoury Producer: Cairo’s Cimatheque to screen Hossam Ali’s collection of short films.

He believed that war and violence take us to nowhere but loss. We reserve the right to correct, maeoun at all possible, obvious errors in spelling and grammar. Why did you halt your career as an actress after Little Wars, given that you were a big success and the film went to Cannes? Ixsir, 12 Bottles Rose Altitudes Wine: