Yes it’s a riot to play!!! For more updates — D3 or otherwise, Like us on Facebook! Set Ceremonial Knife Rollback Post to Revision RollBack. Rollback Post to Revision RollBack. Boon of the Hoarder.

The Division Incursion Preparation April 12, Also further down the stat priority mentions DEX. Bane of the Trapped. Season 16 Starter Guide! Please enable JavaScript to get the best experience from this site. Wall of Death Communing with Spirits. Will review this shortly. Been doing t11 nephalem rifts under 2:

Set Manajuja Knife Summon Zombie Dogs Leeching Beasts. TeamBRG – January 14, You have entered an incorrect email address! Doesn’t need a fancy full-set of ancients!

S15 | 2.6.1 Witch Doctor Speed Farming Builds (Best, Fastest)

Will review this shortly. Dudethis build is insane.

By the time my pet gets to the gold, I’ve already picked it up. Legendary Amulet Secondary Stats. Thanks for checking out this guide. TnT is better for Leeching Beastsbut honestly this is a low impact choice. It has steep competition vs avarice, though.


HELL CHICKEN T13 SPEED – Witch Doctor – Diablo III Builds – DiabloFans

Since there is no truly offensive weapon for this set, we put Manajuma as the default. Curse Help Register Sign In.

This build is almost identical to my Gem Levelling build that i used since 2. Thanks for your patronage throughout the years. This build with good gear can Speed through Greater Rifts as well. Ring of Royal Grandeur.

Yes it’s a riot to play!!! I didnt even have an ancient weapon yet.

S15 | Witch Doctor Speed Farming Builds (Best, Fastest) | Team BRG

On this date, we will archive the site in an effort to preserve the history. Nearby enemies are periodically sucked into the tornado. Sseason ability does not start its cooldown until after its effects expire. Set Ceremonial Knife Please enable JavaScript to get the best experience from this site. It’s a shame that the video doesn’t show the build that was actually used, because it’s not the one listed on this page.


Helltooth Gargantuans LoN Gargantuans. This site works best with JavaScript enabled. It is super fast as shit. Very sharp, and great playing.

Bane of the Trapped or Powerful.

One of the most fun builds ive ever played. The main things to consider when bountying? Ring of Royal Grandeur.

Angery Chicken mode with Helltooth Gargantuan is so fun to play. Home Diablo 3 S15 2. D3 Speedfarming made easy – tips and tricks for any class to speedfarm like a pro!

Well, it depends if you use this as your progression set. Summon Zombie Manaujma Leeching Beasts.