The Wrestling Champion is famous for two things: Then feel for the square hilt guard. The distribution per sealed box is quite consistent. It ticks off all the right boxes to be a LEGO Minifigures classic with a very relatable role, with really cool exclusive accessories and an all around memorable design. He also looks hilarious as a giant great white shark ready to terrorise […]. My personal favourites in no particular order are Shark Suit Guy for the obvious nod to left shark and internet memes. Trophy Cup Feel for the trophy cup.

Canada deserves things you know. Clumsy Guy, who reminds me of those special people in my life who are abnormally accident prone. Alternatively, find the bull horn or grappling hook. In this photo, you can also see the arm and leg printing, which has tassles from her dress on her sleeve and legs, as well as tiny stitches on the sides of her feet as well! From it we can learn the box distribution. Find the feet, then press your thumb right above the feet. Certainly Westfield Stratford, and I was told by the lovely chap who worked there who stood feeling bags with me for 30 minutes that all Lego Stores in the UK had been told to put them out yesterday.

By gnaat in France, 20 Aug I have heard sets of the 2 minifigure pack as well. Yeah, Shark Suit Guy is a pain to find.

I hope you find one soon! munifigures

By Matt mason in United Kingdom, 18 Aug First, which figures are the hardest to find in Series 15? Outstanding, very nice guide. By pezhead in United States, 18 Aug It ticks off all the right boxes to be a LEGO Minifigures classic with a very relatable role, with really cool exclusive accessories seties an all around memorable design.


One case of 60 figures breaks down like this:. Go now to your local Lego store! By blacklotus in Singapore, 19 Aug Tour groups are really impressed by his booming voice and first-hand knowledge of centuries of history, and kids on class trips love it when he accidentally knocks things over with his wings! Her u nique dress piece is extremely remarkablemade out of a solid block of LEGO and pins to connect it to the torso.

The Frightening Knight is a stock standard Castle-type minifigure with a few enhancements here and there. It will feel a little like an L. The fact that only one leg is coloured and printed on is quite an achievement in itself.

Her defining feature is her tutuwhich is a brand new accessory that is placed in between her legs and torso. Both sides are very thin and square, and one has a stud on it. The helmet is also easy to confuse with other pieces. Wings Feel for the small dagger-like wings. Only then do they realize that they have dared to duel a true master of swordsmanship. Will be keen on getting a few Nexo Knights sets just to test them out. Unfortunately I forgot to upload an image of his back and side printing!

It is solid, quite blocky and feels like a curvy rectangle. Oh, and you know what the best part is?

Review: LEGO Minifigures Series 15 – Jay’s Brick Blog

The video is embedded below or you can see it here. This is the seeies that I can do. By Chucknorriskick in United States, 19 Aug I’ve always noticed the small circle dents on the rear lower of the packs.

You never know, they might be fine about it! I do not know many details other than what we heard earlier. The attention to detail is really awesome, with signatures scattered over the cast. A couple CMF newbie questions: If you feel something like a pig, just give its ears a good squeeze. Just saw minufigures posted on Instagram and Facebook. New taverns and towers!


The one I got was square foot, one I wanted. Hey but winning a prize should be quite cool?

Review: LEGO Minifigures Series 15

You sefies be able to feel the outline of the spear point through the packaging. Your email address will not be published. Is the distribution per box always consistent? This site uses cookies: I am still not sure about the Dragon Minifigure or the exclusive brick.

The pig will undoubtedly be one of THE most valuable elements from Series 15 — with the Farmer being a rare minifigure only 3 per boxyou can bet that Shark Suit Guy will receive plenty of competition from the Farmer to be the most coveted Series 15 minifig.

The printing on both her torso and legs are particularly sharp, with some really nice details such as a feathered necklace, and a sash that continues quite nicely onto her legs.

The Minifigure Collector: Lego Minifigures Rarity Guide Series 7

What really sets the Wrestler apart is his amazing mullet hairpiece that looks like minifiguges emerged directly from the 80s. Her torso has some cool details such as a badge with a raccoon printed on it and a walkie-talkie hanging from her belt.

It signals a willingness by LEGO to design outside of the box, triggering a shift away from the 2 x 2 slope tile as the only option for dresses or robes. Rarihy just ordered one! Ask to go shopping on Saturday.