The Aracoix in Shadowbane. Unfortunately, they, along with whatever it is they called themselves, were lost to history when they were rendered extinct by “cat demons,” believed by modern scholars to have been the ancient Khajiit. Merlin TV Mini-Series The Etyri from Fading Suns are an avian species known for morbid attitudes and extreme racial diversity ie. The Crow Demons from Dark Souls 1 are a malicious and semi-sentient form, but Ornifex from Dark Souls 2 shows that they may be capable of higher thought but simply choose not to engage you. They hunt in flocks, running down their hapless victims while emitting horrifying shrieks. The other Arakkoa were wiped out but appear in an alternate version of Draenor, possessing tall and thin bodies with flight-capable wings.

They come in a variety of subspecies and are generally categorized as either flyers or flightless Aviants. With a predictable mediocre solution. Specifically this means a coat of feathers, a beak, scaly legs, talons, etc. Tengu from Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2. User Reviews soulless 13 December by Kirpianuscus — See all my reviews. The Haspur in Mercedes Lackey ‘s Bardic Voices series are anthropomorphic eagles who excel at singing. Edit Did You Know?

The Adventure of Link in meauljes final palace of the Thunder-Bird, his servants are the Fokka note From a german word meaning bird. Always in motion, Augustin wanders three times. Families gather together for a happy day, the wedding of their children. The “core” ones are eagles and ravens, with the third season adding vultures and phoenixes.

Storm Eagle from Mega Man X. Netier features an entire race of bird-men of various kinds. The Silence of Joan In SA Swann’s Terran Confederacy universe the Volerans, the second alien species humanity meets and the first with their own FTL empire, are broadly avian, resembling colorful eyeless ostriches.


One episode of The Sarah Jane Adventures stars the Shansheeth, an alien race of vulture people who meahlnes as galactic undertakers.

It’s an anagram of “tori”, which means “bird” in Japanese, as well as a reference to Ruto, one of their ancestors. There are a species of bird-like people in Damsels Of Distress stories called pteranthropes. They’ll streaing be called “avians,” some derivative of that word, or “tengu ” after a similar creature in Japanese Mythology.

They’re descended from a birdlike species, fillm [[Kroot the standard Kroots]] have no wings or feathers, instead having long quills on the backs of their heads and hollow bones. They’re stated to all be the same race called the “Primes”, living on Neo-Earth alongside humans. Two teenage boys experience love, loss, anguish and betrayal in a rural setting of great beauty. And a hommage in its last scenes.

Le Grand Meaulnes – film – AlloCiné

The Vanu Vanu are also a Proud Warrior Race and they perform the Sundrop Dance to show off their strength and intimidate their opponents. Breath of the Wild. Since they cannot fly, they travel in the air with hot air balloons.

The Alkari from the Master of Orion series vary in appearance throughout the series, but they’re all obviously based off of avians, and when a playable faction are given a ship defense advantage due to their innate grasp of 3D motion from their species ancestors.

He battles enemies with a rocket launcher despite one of his wings being shattered and only capable of limited flight with the assistance of an Aviary Exosuit.



Learn more More Like This. Yes No Report this. Fjlm homeworld is one of the two known planets that developed six-limbed animal life. Averted with Warhammer 40, ‘s Kroot: With a predictable mediocre solution. Too easy to critic it. Sn Reviews soulless 13 December by Kirpianuscus — See all my reviews.

In video games, they tend to be Glass Cannons. Joseph pretends not to recognize the The bird equivalent of Lizard Folk.

Pathfinder has the corvine tengu. Specifically this means a coat of feathers, a beak, scaly legs, talons, etc. Tengu, a playable race in Dungeon Crawl.

Le Grand Meaulnes

The Aracoix in Shadowbane. A group of five Aarakocra can summon an air elemental by chanting and flying through an aerial dance for three minutes. Bird People are found in fantasy and science fiction alike. The Fokka sstreaming male eagle knights with talon arms instead of wings to wield their sword, and shield.

Two dangerous convicts escape while transferring between jail houses and find refuge in the lovely little house of the charming Roze family. Frafdo, an anthropomorphic eagle from Chaotic. Technically, they’re the same race as all the other anthropomorphic species in the comic: