Don’t think I’ve heard of the show and don’t think I’ll be tuning into it to find out more. The characters all have plastic faces. However, she forgives them when she realized her father made something named after her before he left her. In Kyou’s episode there isn’t one single cameo appearance or even the mention of the name “Nagisa” the entire episode! Still can’t accustom myself to the modern animation style. Sure, he may have screwed up at Kaiji, but most of his works were really excellent:

Miffed about First reformed not getting anything, which is an actual film. This is partly to encourage people to join us in conversation here. I couldn’t even remember how many episodes there were. Season 2 had several episodes focusing on a weak lizardman tribe. Thinking about it from a gamer’s perspective, I do feel I can relate to him. If it wanted to focus on the girls as Maid actresses, Maika shouldn’t have hogged all the screentime and writing, and all the girls should’ve been allowed to show their other sides more than twice. By elimination, I’ll vote for 1 and 3. I thought they went overboard with the visual design.

Mio is best girl. I’m sure the manga isn’t anywhere near as bad, but I’ll save that for another time. Anyamal Tantei Kiruminzoo This show is pretty weird.

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But one I would gladly rewatch. Quantum theory, only thing this game has memorable is the character saying “gotta kill it” over ad over, like nothing in it is bad it’s just different enough from gears of war to have it’s own identity but that’s it.

Honestly, I would like to turn around and rewatch the show, but that would make no progress in my goal, so I have to put this awesome title down unfortunately.


People gooodanime going to mistake fruits basket for a bargain bin otome harem. And no, I never expected the second half of that “double whammy plot twist”, it’s just that the first half was pretty obvious. Kaiser-Eoghan I still would have preferred shoplifters to have won foreign film though.

Well, I wouldn’t want anyone to be spoiled, that’s true.

Any longer there, and he would not have survived. If you want you can go ahead.

For the most part, I had no clue what was going on. SuperWooper Is it Japan time? And also maybe a crossover could work? But it’s still a good fun, feel good anime.

As for the text though: Shinbo liked Sayaka’s character so much that he asked Urobuchi if there was some way to bring her back to life. The interaction between all the characters was very entertaining. Here is a tip for this series however: My apology for those who waited for my weekly blogs for the last few weeks.

I feel like these two series are much more similar than they are different so there’s not really any point in trying to answer the question “Which is darker? That had some good shootbangs. He corrected me and said that was from Persona 3.

Like, he’s presented as some nice smart man, but Anonymous Vonter Well, the author hated the original adaptation because she butted heads with the show’s director.

Certainly the possibility of wierdness is what caught me in the first place, but the show isn’t really weird. Even Urobuchi thinks the ending is cruel. But still, that old hag looked really creepy. That is the question. I pt no idea that the mangas ran that closely together. Nor a lot of convenience features nor level design to let it shine. She ended up blowing up the rooms saying “Anyone who tries to kill my love deserves to die as well! Kaiser-Eoghan I’m also glad that tv anime like this is allowed to be so violent in this day and age.


Not a dog person.

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Production wise, it was incredibly expressive this week. In the end, they’re all “Hunters”. The climax was also very well written and allowed the build-up to really come together. Anonymous It felt like a new version of inspector Gadget could be do like this.

I was always amused at the main girl’s squawking. It is wholly unmemorable. I want to find out! If you have not, it’s something you can add to your list in your attempts to reach 1, episodes or was it 1, hours?

Even when confronting Sakaki being arrogant and all.

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Also, Talon, I know you didn’t like the original, but, maybe you could give this one a try anyway? Kuchuu Buranko, while you might think otherwise at first, is completely different. I only recognize the cover art cause it’s one of the few cool and free PSN avatars.

The show’s tinklrand it looked like it was a low budget show from the late 90s.

Sometimes entire OPs are dedicated to them http: