Ein Vertrag kommt erst zustande, wenn der Versteigerer dieses Angebot annimmt. Sorry, bidding has ended on this item. An agreement shall be brought about only if the auctioneer accepts this offer. The auctioneer auctions off in its own name and for own account any items which it possesses own pro- perty ; these Terms of Public Auction shall also apply to the auctioning off of such own property; in particular, the surchar- ge must also be paid for this see Item 5 below. This shall also apply to the cancellation of the written form requirement. However, the bidder shall not be permitted to derive any claims whatsoever if the auctioneer no longer takes these bids into consideration at the auction, regardless of his reasons. This lot can be purchased subject to differential or regular taxation. Even if security is furnished, any claim to accep- tance of a bid shall be unenforceable.

Important Information Premium Unless otherwise specified, art objects in the catalog are subject to differential taxation. Diese werden differenzbesteuert angeboten. The auctioneer shall charge each bid only up to the sum necessary to top other bids. The scope of liability laid down in Item 10 of these terms shall apply. Third parties are all persons excluding the bidder. She changes her divine, miraculous transfer from Aulis to Tauris into an autonomous, cultural transit. Export shipments in non-member countries outside the EU are exempt from value added tax; if the items purchased by auction are expor- ted by the purchaser, the value added tax shall be reimbursed to him as soon as the export certificate is submitted to the auctioneer. Franz von Stuck in Wien, Wien , S.


‘Noises off’: The Kleine Bühne Production of J.B. Priestley’s They Came to a City (1944-45)

Bei der Differenzbesteuerung wird pro Einzelobjekt ein Aufgeld, wie folgt erhoben: You have been outbid. Diese werden differenzbesteuert angeboten. Show Less Restricted access. Important Information Premium Unless otherwise specified, art objects in the catalog are subject to differential taxation. She is, however, saved by Artemis the last moment and is appointed her high priestess. He shall not have a claim to any surplus proceeds procured at a subsequent auction and shall also not be permitted to make another bid.

Do you have any questions? This also applies to expert opinions. However, in case of material defects which destroy or signifi- cantly reduce the value or the serviceability of the item and of which the purchaser notifies the auctioneer within 12 months of his bid being accepted, the auctioneer undertakes to assign any claim which it holds against the consignor or — should the purchaser decline this offer of assignment — to itself assert such claims against the consignor.

The German version shall be authorita- tive in all cases. Auctioneer has chosen not to publish the price of this lot.

Iphigenie auf Tauris by isabell hendricks on Prezi

Peter Lang International Academic Publishers. To be sure to win, log in for the live auction broadcast on 24 Nov This auction is live! Der Versteigerer nimmt diese Abtretung an.

Der Ver- steigerer bzw.

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Your registration has been successful. Don’t have an account? The auctioneer hereby accepts this transfer. Unless otherwise specified, art objects in the catalog are subject to differential taxation. Wie beeinflusst die Bewegung in verschiedenen Transportmitteln sinnliche und kulturelle Perspektiven?


Invoices issued during or immediately after the auction require verification; errors excepted. Ketterer Kunst, Munich, auctionNovember 25th,lot 93but this position also becomes obvious in the painting ‘Iphigenie auf Tauris’.

Image rendition may lead to faulty representations of dimen- sions, quality, color, etc. You need to be registered and approved to bid at this auction. Wie stehen sie miteinander in Bezug? To him it is not the adoration of a classic past that is at the core of this fascination, instead he is interested in mythology as a vehicle to express human character traits and emotions.

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Should the description of the item being sold by auction not correspond to the stated catalog number, the catalog number shall be decisive to determine the content of the bid. Sign in to annotate. The telephone bidder must notify the relevant employee by no later than the start of the telephone conversation if he does not consent to this recording.

Nor is it possible to complete- ly exclude offwnes and disruptions affecting internet and tele- phone communications. Ein Anspruch auf Annahme eines Gebotes besteht allerdings auch im Fall einer Sicherheitsleistung nicht. Send a copy to my email address.