I won’t give up the queen’s seat! Later, Raimon buys in Ehine some food to eat. Aphrodi has the ball for the first time! The episode begins with Sakuma using Koutei Penguin 1gou and screaming in pain. But then, they were slowly getting used to the speed of Gemini Storm slowly, and they finally got the ball from them with Kazemaru, who made a fast cut. He then jumpes off and Endou commented on him that he has an amazing balance. As long as you’re wearing the same uniform, your feelings are one! This is Gazel’s hissatsu shoot!

She stated that she cannot do it alone, but she can do it with everyone. Then Fubuki asks if Teikoku Gakuen was a strong team to Someoka. Your injury needs to heal before that. Though the second one broke through. Ichinose rushes up ahead but Bomber uses Ignite Steal. Endou uses Seigi no Tekken but fails, Tsunami Jousuke went all the way back and stopped it.

They soon realize that even if Oumihara seems quite weird, they’re actually quite good.

What was that just now? Endou also gave Tachimukai his grandpa’s ultimate move, an incomplete hissatsu, Mugen The Hand that Tachimukai began to practice eleveb the help of Tsunami. In the end Raimon wins, but it’s a narrow victory. Thanks to Otomura, Kidou figures out how to stop Chaos’ rhythm. The Toughest Battle Yet!

When seeing Majin The Hand, Tachimukai tries to learn it too. Gouenji then leaves him since he is the only one who can answer his own problems. Just when everyone thought the earth had been saved, Aliea Gakuen attacks once more, this time with Epsilon.


He is then seen in the riverbank where kids are playing soccer. Will Raimon win against these powerful soccer girls? He stated that he’s not needed as Shirou, nor as Atsuya so he switched positions with Megane. When Endou saw Fudou he ask to him is he playing soccer rzimon but Fudou kicks the ball to Endou and says there are late. But unknown to them is that he is the person that had saved them before. Let’s see what you can do.

Inazuma Eleven Episode 53 Raimon VS. Diamond Dust (Hindi Dub) – video dailymotion

Just then, an old opponent appears before them Then the match stopped and Someoka commented about Fubuki’s plays. It shouldn’t end like this. Following this revelation, the battle to decide the world’s fate between Raimon and The Genesis had begun!

The pass is loose! That’s all you’ve got? All of a sudden the earth is overrun by aliens! Meanwhile, Hijikata was watching with a figure in an orange hoodie and commenting on Raimon. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Nepper and Heat were frozen as Aphrodi walks with the ball away from them. The next day, they try harder on the training center and Kidou asks Fubuki to join the defense training, but Fubuki leaves afterwards, stating that he cannot waste time on defense training which shocks everyone and then they are seen watching Fubuki train from the door.


I won’t allow anything other than victory!

Sakuma says they have a secret Technique. Droll steals the ball and charges forward and was able to get pass Domon and Kabeyama and keeps on going.

Inazuma Eleven Episode 53 Raimon VS. Diamond Dust (Hindi Dub)

This is a development no one predicted! If it ends like that, at least. Fudou passed the ball to Sakuma and Sakuma shoots Koutei Penguin 1gou. The terror of frozen darkness! Rika tricked Ichinose so he followed her to the Okonomiyaki Restaurant and made him eat her ‘lovey-dovey dish’. That night, they got raimin but the food wasn’t much to eat. But Hiroto was cust Diamond Dust attacks again! The same goes for Endou, if he takes that shoot head on again, he won’t be able to stand!

He was dodged with a feint! After that, Endou stands up again and is encouraged yet again to keep on going.

Gouenji was blocked and Kidou kicked the ball to Aphrodi who was open.