His relationship with his son is changing and not for the better. Post Share on Facebook. View all 16 comments. This is the main reason I intend to read another book from the Joona Linna series. It was so long and boring that I had to skim through it. That is until he is contacted by Detective Inspector Joona Linna in regards to a brutal family murder.

Jan Waldekranz as Shulman. Unless they think a mass murderer was the kidnapper. Obviously, Its not that easy. For a hyped and well reviewed book, this is possibly one of the worst books I have ever read. Critics Review the 91st Academy Awards Telecast. I am so glad.

It is likely not in the same class as them either I’ll withhold judgement until I see if there is more to follow with these characters. This page was last edited on 2 Novemberat This is one book you can not put down. These writers can’t do any of hupnotizer.

This pushes the strained marriage of Bark and his wife Simone to the breaking point and also further alienates their son Benjamin who suffers from a rare blood disease. I figured out the mystery well before I should have. They go there to retrieve him and arrest Lydia. As a character I did not connect with The Hypnotist Bark but did a bit more with DI Joona Linna, but not by much, I think the characters are all a bit flat in this book, at times some speckles of connection shine through from them, but overall hard to really get a sense of any of them.

Read Burned by Thomas Enger instead. The unnecessary time-titled chapters were confusing too, and the flashback scene in the middle could have been done better. Talvez daqui a algum tempo While helping a fellow patient behead a chicken Augustine faints at the sight of blood – when she regains consciousness she is able to open both her eyes as normal, but still lacks sensation in one side of her body. As well, there are a lot of twists and red herrings that will keep you anxiously pursuing the conclusion.


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CS1 Chinese-language sources zh All hypbotizer articles. I wondered about the role of one of the intrigues of this novel which has two of them, plus a few other mysteries to be elucidated. Sep 03, Pamela rated it it was ok Shelves: It would have been one thing if this was some kind of realistic character based story about the impact of a child abduction on a shaky marriage, but this is most certainly a schlock crime thriller so it just comes across as fucked up on epic scale.

Ten years ago, he swore a solemn, public oath never to perform hypnosis again. Retrieved 6 September Detective Joona Linna was certain that the boy would be able to provide valuable information, possibly even identify the killer But if the other circumstances had not been so exceptional, it would never even have occurred to anyone to turn to a hypnotist. The more time they spend together, the more Charcot begins to feel attracted to Augustine, even sneaking into her room at night to observe her sleeping.

Erik, a specialist in acute trauma and hypnotism, to obtain case details from Josef, who is comatose. I think it is a worthy entry in the genre of Scandinavian thrillers and I would definitely recommend it to crime lovers! Erik is called to the hospital in the middle of the night by police detective Joona Linna to examine a teenage boy who has been repeatedly stabbed and was found at a crime scene where most of his family was brutally murdered. Fair enough, sinc I read it so you don’t have to.

Charcot refuses to let her, promising he will help her when he cures her.

I know I am not alone in my rather average review of this book, and I won’t be the last. Without the hypnosis of Josef the rest of the book would not have happened. Not the best book I’ve ever read, but not the worst, either. By contacting a friend who works at child services, Ruining learns that Xiaoyen was actually abandoned by her adoptive parents after her adoptive mother became pregnant. The crimes are incredibly brutal and way too graphically detailed If you wish to see more of my most recent book and movie reviews, visit http: Use the HTML below.


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Can you think of any enemies you might have? Xu Zheng Karen Mok. The characters are twisted and bound together, and as the story develops, the linkages develop. Retrieved from ” https: Some readers start to get Milli Vanilli vibes. Aug 26, Rating: She is later virtually cleared of all suspicion. Has someone from his past come back to haunt him? Books by Lars Kepler.

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The synopsis r When I read the jacket of this book, I found it be quite intriguing and considering how many people seem to love this book, I thought I would too. And possibly why 10 years later he is still pill popping. Special agent Carl Hamilton is forced to play by his own rules when his goddaughter is kidnapped by terrorists, as he learns that he will get no help from the Swedish secret services.

Nadja Josephson as Aida. I mentioned to a good friend of mine earlier in the week that I wanted to read another Scandinavian crime novel soon, and this was an old reading copy I had on my desk. Ah yes, we remember those two front men who were faker than Facebook News. Though almost comatose, Joona insists that he must interview the son so that they can perhaps save the remaining daughter. View all 18 comments.

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Sep 2, Full Review…. ISBN and format is not matching. The synopsis reads as follows: